Don’t you just love those signs that mark your little spot in the world? Our regular contributor, Michelle James, has a fantastic and fun Coordinates Sign DIY project for you today.

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A Coordinates Sign

Mark Your Spot In The World

Hello again! Today I am showing you a sign I created for a friend of mine. It marks the coordinates of their house in Whittemore, IA and will be hung up in their home. It just love this idea.

A Coordinates Sign

About a month ago my friend Jill asked me to make one of these signs for her neighbor who was moving out of state. She wanted to give her something to remember her time and her home in Iowa. When I got it done and took it to her she loved it and then wanted on for herself. I was, of course, happy to do it. They were neighbors so the numbers were almost exactly the same.

I started with a plain sign painted brown with a very watered down paint. It pretty much acts like a stain on the wood. Jeff makes these for me from lathe and 1×2 but you could use a pre-made sign or a pallet too. You could even use a canvas if you like. I just like the rustic-ness of the wood.

Then with my Silhouette Machine I chose a font and cut out the numbers that I needed. I did not cut out the bottom letters because they end up being so small.

Michelle - July 12 - A Coordinates Sign - Pic 2 copy
I used a chalk pencil to trace around the large numbers and letters then just free-handed the smaller words.

Then I just painted with white acrylic paint.

When I get done and the paint is completely dry I use a sanding block and sand the entire surface for a small amount distressing.

They always come out looking so nice and they are really easy to make.

Michelle - July 12 - A Coordinates Sign - Pic 3 copy

Michelle - July 12 - A Coordinates Sign - Pic 4 copy

Michelle - July 12 - A Coordinates Sign - Pic 5 copy
I hope you like this project. It is such a great way to mark your spot on this Earth. You can see all of my projects by visiting my blog at
Have a great day!


Michelle - July 12 - A Coordinates Sign - Pic 1 copy

Isn’t this adorable? Have you thought of making a coordinates sign? What fun ideas for coordinates do you have?


Michelle James - Michelle James Designs - Contributor Bio Graphic - Spring 2016

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