Baked Peach CobblerSo, here is the Peach Cobbler! If you could only smell the delicious peachy-ness that makes your mouth water in anticipation.

The fresh peaches worked just beautifully without any need for changing the recipe. Once the peaches were sliced, I left them to sit for a bit before preparing the cobbler, they created plenty of juice on there own.

I did not however, have enough fresh peaches, so I used what I had and supplemented with a smaller 15-oz. can of sliced peaches. Here is what the cobbler looked like prior to baking…

Pre-bake Peach CobblerMy family was so happy, and there tummies were stuffed with yummy good stuff! Make this simple dessert for your family and let me know how much they love it.

Suggestion: Change the fruits for different flavors. Pear, raspberry, boysenberry, apple, your imagination is the limit!

**See original post, No Pits Here… Peach Cobbler!

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