A Good Day… I Hope So

Rory Breaks up with Dean

After the fiasco of Father’s Day (where Christopher went to breakfast with Rory and Kirk and allowed Kirk to verbally (and loudly) attack Rory inside the restaurant with people watching in shock), today is Christopher’s birthday. A group, including Rory and Kirk, are going to the Dodger Game. Rory has not seen or spoken with her father since the day after Father’s Day when she told him in a text that she was hurt and embarrassed that he did not stop Kirk. His response was to tell her that she was being overly dramatic. So, obviously, Rory is nervous about today.

Christopher picked her up a little while ago, and the two of them are going back to the same restaurant for breakfast…this time, without Kirk. they will pick him up from the college campus afterwards. I just hope and pray that this day goes well. She does not need any additional stress, there’s plenty of that in ours lives right now as it is.






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