Writer’s Block…Well Sort Of…

This is true. I have known this feeling from time to time while writing my books. However, that is not exactly my problem today. Today I have too many ideas running through my head. Too many big ideas that will require way more time than I have to offer today. Ideas that will take some time to develop, but I hope will be fun and exciting to not only work on, but to share with you.

Without giving away any ideas (I want you to be surprised), here are a few of the things that will be coming your way in the near future:

  1. A Treasure Find
  2. OMG, What Were You Thinking?!?
  3. A Childhood Favorite Goes Bloggy
  4. Funny Flub-Ups
  5. A Crafty New Tradition?

If you have any suggestions for blog posts, let me know. Perhaps a Blog Chain would be an interesting idea…

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22 thoughts on “Writer’s Block…Well Sort Of…”

  1. I have that feeling at times but when I do get inspired I write a bit and just schedule them so that whenever I do have writers block I’m good for at least a couple of days. Looking forward to those spectacular posts above and I have no ideas. Guess I’m going through a block myself. 🙂

    1. Yep, that’s my theory on writer’s block too. Type anything. Any little word or thought that pops into your head, and pretty soon something will come to you. Today though, all I had was BIG thoughts…LOL

  2. I can’t wait to read these! These all look good! 🙂

    I can’t stand getting writers block! Thats why on my “good” days when ideas come to me faster than I can write, I try to schedule them. Or I ask my husband for help and he gives me a huge list of ideas. Lol….

  3. I never saw that writers block quote before! Yeah, it’s sooo nice when the ideas are flowing. Definitely write them down for those other kinds of days! Looking forward to future posts!

    1. Sometimes a funny distraction is a huge help; other times, I find myself lost in it. Then I know it’s not really writer’s bock, but more my own lack of focus. I’m exciting about writing these posts… of to get started! 🙂

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