Photo from The Stanfield Group Real Estate Blog

Huntington Beach Pier at Dusk (photo from The Stanfield Group Real Estate Blog)

There is no place like Huntington Beach, California, “Surf City USA”. Just look at how beautiful it is at dusk at the pier. I will be doing two Guest Blogging spots over at I Am Meg & So Can You sometime between mid September and mid October. One spot will feature my home town and Orange County in general. the other post be will birthdays in Switzerland and Germany. I am excited about these posts, and hope that you will join in reading the series Around the World with I Am Meg.

Another fun thing happened this week for Huntington Beach. Gordon Ramsay‘s show Master Chef, aired an episode this week that was filmed here back in March of 2013. The show featured a challenge on the beach where the competing chefs had to make fish tacos for 101 surfers. There is some beautiful footage of Huntington Beach. Check it out…


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