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Why Can’t Things Be Simpler?

Saturday, I went to the mailbox and found a letter from Child Support Services. I was excited. I thought maybe they had gotten things settled and payments would roll in anytime now. WRONG! It was a letter stating that I would not be receiving child support since my youngest child had now turned 18-years-old and was, as such, emancipated.

Well, yes, that may be true in most cases, but in Rory’s case it is not. Rory has missed so much school with her illness, that she receives Special Education Medical Home Teaching through the school district and has not yet attained her high school diploma. Because of this, I am eligible to receive child support for Rory until she gets the diploma or turns 19-years-old, whichever comes first.

There was an entire section of the child support application dedicated to this specific issue, which required special information that I provided. Of course, the letter arrived on Saturday, so I could do nothing until this morning, but sit around trying not to let it worry me too much…cough, cough, cough.

Do you ever wonder if there is some kind of stupid test for government employees, or if they have different people who read different parts of applications, but who can reject solely on their portion of it? And if you call trying to ask a question or get some help with something, they treat you like you are some kind of idiot.

With all of the paperwork I have had to fill out, documentation I have had to provide, money I have had to spend to get certified copies of things over the past two months, I feel like I have been jumping through hoops!

I should look like this


But instead, I look like this


When I called Child Support Services this morning, the lady took Rory’s school information and input it into our case. She said it should not be a problem, and that there was nothing further for me to do at this time. Yeah! Finally an easy fix…now if we could just start getting those checks!

I have an appointment on Thursday at the DMV to get my Driver’s License renewed…I hope that goes smoothly.

Have you had any annoying dealings with government agencies? Share your story in the comments.

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