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PARAMEDICS push through the doors with a BLOG on a gurney. The NURSE gets them to a room and calls the DOCTOR.

We have a Blog in distress, but no clues as to what’s wrong.

The doctor begins his examination.

Nurse, We’re going to need some lab work. We have lethargy, failure to thrive, possible internal injuries, and clearly, the Blog is in need of some cosmetic surgery. Let’s get an X-ray stat.

Yes, Doctor, right away.


The X-ray of a Blog

In this three-part series, we will explore the attributes and make-up of a blog. In part one, we will examine the Skeleton, Skin, Nervous System, and Brain. You will find links to provide you with more detail. Let’s delve into the X-ray…

Dancing SkeletonThe Skeleton

Just like the human body, a blog cannot function without its skeletal frame, and in this case that means your blogging platform or blog host. Understanding these systems can be tricky, so it helps to know some key terminology, tips, and tricks.

Sunbathing Pigs - Maybe Next Time You'll Try SunscreenThe Skin

Unlike the skeletal bones, the skin doesn’t show up in X-rays, but it’s the first thing readers notice when visiting your blog. Work with themes, designs, and fonts. Taking care of your “skin” is vital.

How do you like my new internal communication systemThe Nervous System

The nervous system is an internal communications highway. It receives input and passes it along to the proper areas for an action to take place. In a blog, plug-ins, widgets, customizations, and tools pass along the hidden parameters you set that result in how your blog works and communicates information to others.

Brain JokeThe Brain

The brain of a blog organizes, analyzes, examines statistics, and records memories.

This is a lot of information for one post. Part Two of this X-ray of a Blog Series will take us on a journey through the Heart, Soul, Mouth, Eyes and Ears, and Hands.
Look for it next
Wednesday, August 14th.

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Life With Lorelai is being featured today on I Am Meg & So Can You!
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