Birthday Tree - Lorelai's 50th Birthday Bash

Welcome to My 50th Birthday Party!


I love my birthday, and I love to celebrate it with good friends. So today, I’m hosting a little fun-filled get together for all of you. We’ve already done a karaoke song, and we’ll play some games too. Prizes? Of course there are PRIZES! What would a birthday party be without the goodie bag?

So here it is…

I am offering…
An Advertising Spot for your Blog on Life With Lorelai for One-Month.

This prize will go to the 8 people who are the most interactive with this post and have the highest scores in the games. Isn’t that a great prize?

When playing the games, enter your name and blog name like so:
Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your party experience!
Be sure to post your SCORES.

Are you ready to have some more fun?

A few Childhood Favorites Go Bloggy!

Remember Mad Libs? Click the image below to start the game.

By the Sea - Vintage - Mad Libs


It’s time for a Scavenger Hunt! Click the image below to find your hunting list…

A Life With Lorelai Scavenger Hunt

Do You Know Lorelai?
Click the image below to test your knowledge…

Do You Know Lorelai?

What is a Birthday Party without a Special Treat?
Help yourself to this delicious and easy recipe!

Rainbow Ice Cream Bars with Recipe

I hope you’ve had a wonderful time at
My Birthday Bash!

Don’t forget about the Pinteresting Bloggers Scavenger Hunt…

ABCs-of-Blogging-300x300 Pinteresting Bloggers Scavenger Hunt

Check out the progress on my Pinteresting Bloggers Board…

Life With Lorelai's - Pinteresting BloggersBoard

Life With Lorelai’s –
Pinteresting Bloggers Board

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Don’t forget to comment for a chance at the Free Blog Advertising!
Play all weekend… Winners will be announced Monday, August 12th.
I would love to hear from youleave me a Comment.






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