Luke, My He-man

The Side Yard Project Begins…

Last year Luke and I laid paving stones in his side yard. We did the half from the backyard. this year we are laying the stones in the rest of the side yard leading to the front yard. We finally got rid of the huge pile of clean fill dirt, thanks to Craigslist, and are able to get started with the project. Here is a picture of the stone walk we laid last year. You can see the area at the end of the walkway where we are working now.

Luke got the trench dug for a cement curbing along the house. The foundation is really rough and certainly not straight, so we thought pouring a little cement to give us a straight line would be the best bet.

And here’s Luke, my he-man, after he finished digging the trench. Hahaha!

Well, folks…this was just a little piece of what we did over the weekend. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

What did you do this weekend?

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22 thoughts on “The Side Yard Project Begins…”

  1. Good Job, it is nice to accomplish something. You can be proud of your Luke (and I am sure you are). We mostly relaxed this weekend, since we have a busy week ahead and will be away for the next one. Have a great week Lorelai!

    1. We love the finished part we did last year. It has really helped since that side of the house doesn’t get much sun ans stayed really wet and muddy during the winter. So, we are excited to get this project under way. 🙂

  2. You guys are rock star’s. My husband and I have no idea what we are doing in our house. If YouTube ever goes away, we probably were the one’s that started the fire that was already burning. LOL!

  3. I was 100% unproductive. I wish I got one thing done but it was a lazy lazy weekend for us. Looks great though!

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