Full Happiness Jar

Our Happiness Jar Is Full !

A while ago, Rory and I made a Happiness Jar. I wrote a blog post about our project, and why we were doing it in Our Little Happiness Jar, click to read about it.

Today, our Jar was very full, and we decided to read the notes we stuffed inside. It was great. We sat down with our morning cups of coffee, and took turns reading the scraps of paper. What a joy. We laughed and talked about some of the memories the notes brought back, about how somethings had changed. We became sentimental with others. It was a nice moment, quality mother and daughter time, and a wonderful start to our “Happy” day.

If you don’t have a Happiness Jar, I would highly recommend you think about starting one for your family. We saved our notes in a ziplock bag and marked it with the date we read them. Maybe somewhere down the line it will be fun to take a look back.

Do you have any similar family traditions?

Does your family sit down and focus on the happiness/blessings of your lives?

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