Neptune Rose Bush

3-Months of Blogging!

The Neptune Rose bush I bought for Luke our first Christmas... it smells like Raspberry PEZ Candies!
The Neptune Rose bush I bought for Luke our first Christmas… it smells like Raspberry PEZ Candies!

Life With Lorelai is 3-Months Old…

It’s Hard To Believe!

Over the past three months, this little blog experienced quite a growth spurt. It’s been an exhilarating ride. I have met some of the nicest people, and read some clever, humorous, and helpful blogs. I have enjoyed learning about the tidbits of your lives, and I hope you have found Life With Lorelai enjoyable as well.

My technology learning-curve soared to some very fun heights. I figured out how to add Printable Recipes and a Mad Lib Game to the blog. Life With Lorelai even put together a three-part series of Blogging Tips!

Life With Lorelai has received several awards. I’m so honored.

Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest continue to grow by leaps and bounds. I have to tell you, I am having the most fun with Pinterest–amazing place!

Now, let’s take a look at how far Life With Lorelai traveled over the past three months.

The Stats as of right now:

    • 4,022 Views with 1,387 Unique Visitors
    • Visitors from 39 different Countries.
    • 73 Posts
    • The Top 5 Posts are:

1. X-ray Of A Blog – Blogging Tips Series pt. 1
2. Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, A Treasure Find Fer Me
3. 1-Month of Blogging!
4. X-ray Of A Blog – Blogging Series pt.3
5. Fresh Nectarine Pie With Lattice Top Pie Crust – Printable Recipe

    • 4 Pages
    • The Top Page is: About Lorelai
    • 7 Recipes
    • Favorite 5 Recipes are:

1. Fresh Nectarine Pie with Lattice Top Pie Crust – Printable Recipe
2. Sour Cream, Cilantro and Parsley Potatoes on the Grill – Printable Recipe
3. Citrus, Chili, Cilantro Marinade with Printable Recipe
4. Funny Flub-ups! – The Caramel Sticky Buns Escapade
5. Grilled Salmon Kabobs & Lemon Asparagus Couscous Salad With Tomatoes

1. Kristen @ The Road to Domestication
2. Rochelle @ Rochelle Barlow
3. Amanda & Madison @ Growing Up Madison
4. Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies
5. Stephanie @ Bee Tree Studios

    • 5 Awards
    • Life With Lorelai has been Featured on other Blogs 3 times:

1. I Am Meg & So Can You!
2. Southern Mess Moms
3. At The Lake With Regina

1. Monday Mournings – Child Support Hula Hoops
2. Funny Flub-ups! – The Caramel Sticky Buns Escapade
3. Flashback – OMG, What Were You Thinking?!?
4. Snazzy Snapshots – In The Garden
5. Go Ahead… Sing Karaoke!

I am so pleased with how well Life With Lorelai is doing, but mostly I am happy with you, my readers, for making this all possible. Writing this blogging has been challenging and fun, and I am so enjoying using Life With Lorelai as a creative outlet and cheap therapy!

Thank you for following my journey.

What features do you enjoy most on Life With Lorelai?

What would you like to see more of here?

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33 thoughts on “3-Months of Blogging!”

  1. Congrats! You’re doing so well! I’m happy to be a top commentor, you have some of the funniest posts to read! =) I think my favorite is still the pirate post! Did you know the 19th is “talk like a pirate” day? Best get on that… ARG! lol!

  2. I loved your two cilantro based recipes #2 and #3 — yummy! Plus your X-ray of a blog series was awesome! i didn’t know you were 3 months old, that’s awesome! It’s been fun to read your blog and follow what you’ve been up to! i can’t wait for Halloween and all your pumpkin carving coolness to come! You are going to do more, right?

    1. That was my thought, Amber… not every reader catches every post, and newer readers of the blog have missed some. Hopefully this will get people around my blog and finding things they love. 🙂

  3. Congratulation Lorelai! What a great achievement that you’ve got. Awesome. Just know you short time, but I enjoy to stop by here. Thank you very much for sharing. Wish you all the best.

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