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Court Is In Session

Dunked Groom-head Cake - Funny Divorce - huffingtonpost-com

I’m in Divorce Court Today…

Fighting For What’s Right and Fair!

Christopher and I were supposed to go to court this past Monday, September 9th, but late last week the court clerk called and said it needed to be continued until October 1st. I broke down in tears…right on the phone, poor lady. I explained why I was crying and that Rory and I had been left cut-off of funds since June 7th. She told me to hold on a second. When she came back, I had a new court date of Thursday, September 12th, just 3-days past our original date. I was so thankful and appreciative. Jenny you are wonderful!

Today, Christopher texted Rory telling her he was at his friends house and that the water felt great in his pool. She was hurt by this that he did not even ask if she wanted to go swimming (this is Rory’s first summer in 7 or 8 years that she is allowed to go swimming due to medical reasons). After his disgusting tease, he asked if I was home (which I was), and then asked about taking her to get some frozen yogurt.When he picked her up, I had some old family photos of his that i had packaged up for him along with a blanket that his grandmother had knitted for him when he was a baby. He had something for me too. He handed me his response to our divorce.

First off, legally he should not have handed it to me, a third party should have served me. Second, his response is not even filed with the court. Third, it was 3:15 in the afternoon, and we are due in court at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Fourth, it is riddled with inaccuracies and blatant lies.

So, instead of the nice, civilized, “Christian”, divorce as he liked to call it, it looks like we’re going to be battling like a couple of Kung Fu Fighting Rabbits! This is not the way I wanted this to go, but he has left me with no choice. I have to fight to protect my daughter. And after nearly 24-years of marriage, he owes me a little something too. Child Support and Spousal Support, we’re not asking for much, just enough to get by.

I would love to ask you to please send your best thoughts and good luck wishes my way today. And if you believe in the power of prayer (like I do), I ask you to please send a prayer up for me and Rory. I hate it that this is so hard on her. I never would have believed he would treat her this way. My heart is broken.

I Hope!

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30 thoughts on “Court Is In Session”

  1. Wow, I am so sorry you are going through this. I went through a divorce 5 years ago, and I know it can get very hard at times. My ex and I tried hard to put our son as the primary focus to keep up both in line, but it got difficult at times. I’ll be thinking of you today, and praying for the best outcome! Also, if you ever need to talk re: this, let me know. I’ve got a lot of information tucked under my belt.

  2. I hope things get settled down for you and Rory =( I can’t imagine going through what you are! Keep fighting for what’s fair and I hope it’s a good outcome! I’ll be thinking of you and I can’t wait to hear how it went =(

  3. What a blessing the lady at the court house was. I hope, for both you and Rory, the judge sees through his crap. I’ll be praying for you and hopefully if nothing else gets settled, the judge will at least award your support.

    1. Well, for right this moment all I got was temporary child support. the way it has to be handled, it will only add about $100 per month to our funds. Not much…but I did get it stipulated that he has to pay to have my suburban smogged and registered. It’s due in October. SO that is a huge relief for me. 🙂 Thanks for your prayers.

  4. Lorelai, my friend, you and your family are in my prayers. I hope it all works out for you and that it is over very soon. I wish I could help you more. But the very best help I can give is offering prayers on your behalf. Stay strong. Many people are praying for you.

  5. Ugh. Divorce stinks. I’m praying for you and Rory for a quick resolution and that it can be peaceful and just. I hope that he starts to treat Rory better and you. I’m praying my guts out for you. I love that Jenny helped you move up the court date — those tiny little moments let you know that God is always there and aware of your needs.

  6. I am so sorry that he is making this so hard. I am meeting with out mediator this week and really hope things go smooth. I have added you and Rory to my prayer list. Keep your head up and stay strong.

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