pinteresting halloween scavenger hunt

A Pinteresting Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Entry

pinteresting halloween scavenger hunt

My Entry for the

Pinteresting Bloggers

ABC’s of Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Be sure to
Check Out my complete Pinteresting Halloween Board
at My Pinterest Home!

How do you like to decorate for Halloween?

Do you have any fun Halloween Traditions?


On Another Note~

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Today’s Post: Kate: Kenya, Africa
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20 thoughts on “A Pinteresting Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Entry”

  1. A couple of years ago, my husband carved my face into a pumpkin… that’s the first time he’s tried my face, but he has carved scenes and other things into pumpkins before.
    I LOVE apothecary bottles and jars. I have saved a bunch of my supplement bottles (brown) and made labels for them and decorated the lids. I’ll have a post about them soon. I guess that is one of my favorite Halloween decorations. (besides PUMPKINS of course 🙂 )

  2. I just LOVE Halloween! And we are going to have a Halloween party soon so I will be checking out all these ideas!

  3. I just noticed the background of your website–how great!!! Your Pinterest
    scavenger Hunt looks great! Did you join the Pinterest Facebook group? There are a couple of them I think…

  4. I’m so mad at myself. I wanted to do this pinterest board, but I just kept letting time slip away from me. Boo to me. I love what you’ve pinned though! Fun fun stuff!

  5. Dear Lorelai, I have never thought before that pumpkin crafting is very fun and various. What I knew were just that Jack O Lantern. Thank you for giving me a lot of information about halloween things. I appreciate them a lot.

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