Sugar Plum's for Halloween 750x500

Sugar Plum’s For Halloween

Sugar Plum's for Halloween 750x500

It’s That Time Of Year Again!

Rory and I have been going out to the fair grounds for the annual Sugar Plum Boutique for years. In fact, Rory has picked-up a boyfriend over the years. He’s a bit bony, but she doesn’t mind.

We always have the best time walking around Sugar Plum and seeing all of the fun and creative things the vendors have to offer. So cute! I thought I would share some pictures as a sampling, and let you experience just a tiny part of this awesome boutique.


All kinds of Halloween fun!



They have the most amazing Haunted House display including a running Train!

Autumn Decorations and Jewelry


You can find things for other occasions too!


Rory’s Paris Dreams


Here’s something that I LOVED!

Sugar Plum also has a bunch of vendors that sell food and beverage items, but unfortunately for you, we were too busy sampling to take pictures!

We didn’t actually get to purchase anything this year, but it was a great mother/daughter outing. We always enjoy this event and have so much fun dreaming and planning our holiday decorations together. Thanks for joining in our fun.

Do you have any great boutiques where you live?

What traditions do you have?


On Another Note~

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33 thoughts on “Sugar Plum’s For Halloween”

  1. Wow, that looks so cool! I LOVE going to things like that, but ultimately, I spend my day looking at prices thinking, I could make that for less than half! lol What a great thing to do with Rory.

    1. There si always something that just says, “You must take me home, or else!” This year though, our budget couldn’t handle it. We had to keep our distance so they didn’t latch-on. We had such a great time anyway. 🙂

  2. Oh I LOVE places like that where you can get things you find nowhere else. It looks fun and unique. My favorite things are the next-over halfway bigger town of 3000 has a haunted trail every year and every Christmas our little town has “Santa’s workshop” so the kids can pick out presents for everybody themselves and they are only $1 or $2. It’s so fun.

  3. Wow, I’ve never seen a Sugar Plum! I love the fancy masks. We don’t have any cool halloween boutiques, just your standard mega stores that open in abandoned shops for the month of october and sale tasteless gore-laden costumes. Nothing fun. Booo. 🙁

  4. Wow – this place looks amazing! So much to choose from – I think I would want to buy one of everything to decorate for halloween!! My hubby doesn’t like decorating – he likes to keep it simple, so just a few pumpkins but I am getting the bug this year – I think I’ll get a few things to spruce up the front door 🙂 ~Renee

  5. Wow, I have never seen anything like this! This place looks amazing! Although I stopped decorating for Halloween, I think visiting something like this would spark me to start up the tradition again.

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