Halloween Funnies | Life With Lorelai

Halloween Funnies: A Few Hoots, Hollers, and Howls

Where Candy Corn Comes From | Life With Lorelai

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I Told You Your Costume Was Too Scary | Life With Lorelai

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Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater |Life With Lorelai

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Whoops Sorry Earl - Off the Mark | Life With Lorelai

When Witches Go Halloweening | Life With Lorelai

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You Shouldn't Eat Pumpkin Pie Near A Jack-o-lantern - Family Circus | Life With Lorelai

Surprise Me - Knife Barber with Pumpkin Client | Life With Lorelai

and in the End…

Long Broom Ride Wicked Wedgie |Life With Lorelai

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Happy Halloween!

Do you have any favorite Halloween Funnies?

Don’t forget to send in your photo for Lorelai’s Pumpkin Carving Contest!!!

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