Mississippi Pecan Pie - Life With Lorelai

Mississippi Pecan Pie – Printable Recipe

Mississippi Pecan Pie - Life With Lorelai

Perfection in Pie

This pecan pie recipe has been in our family for generations. I remember my great-grandmother making this delectably delicious dessert when we would go back for a visit to the farm in Mississippi. It has always been a favorite of mine and it is Kirk’s all-time favorite. He wants this every year for his birthday.

So here, without any further ado…

Mississippi Pecan Pie
Printable Recipe


  • 1-Cup Dark Corn Syrup (Karo Syrup)
  • ¾ Cup Sugar
  • 3 Eggs, slightly beaten
  • 3 Tbs. Butter
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla
  • 1-Cup Pecans, coarsely broken
  • 1 Pie Shell (see Non-Soggy Pie Crust)


  • Preheat oven to 350° F.
  • Line a 9-inch pie tin with the pie dough. Allow the dough to extend over the edges of the pan about an inch to pinch into a stand-up-crust rim around the pie.
  • Boil Syrup and Sugar together about 2-minutes.
  • Pour syrup mixture slowly over slightly beaten Eggs, stirring as you pour.
  • Add Butter, Vanilla, and Pecans. Blend well.
  • Turn mixture into the pie shell.
  • Bake at 350° F, about 40-50 minutes.
  • Cool before cutting.

Mississippi Pecan Pie – A Featured Recipe in The Tastiest Thanksgiving EVER!

This beautiful Decorative Printable Recipe is available for download.
Created by Kristen at The Road to Domestication.

Do you have a favorite Family Recipe?

What’s your favorite pie for Thanksgiving?

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52 thoughts on “Mississippi Pecan Pie – Printable Recipe”

    1. Don’t pee in my pie… it’s puh-caan!!! LOL This recipe is really easy and absolutely delicious. I would be that any type of egg substitute would work, but I have no idea what that is since I have not had to deal with egg allergy. Let me know what you use. 🙂

      1. Hahahahaha! It drives my hubby nuts. I grew up in Kansas but with a New Jersey mom so I have NEVER said puh-caan, all the Kansans try to correct me but I won’t have it! I will one day look up substitutes for a pecan pie. It took me awhile to figure out the right one for a pumpkin pie.

        1. LOL… so, it’s Kansans not Kansasans… good to know! 😀 It can be so hard figuring out substitutions. I know I’ve had some interesting results trying to work with Rory’s special diet at times. 🙂

  1. This looks delicious Lorelai even though I’m not a fan of pecan pie since I’m allergic to nuts. Hubby is though and he makes them. Will have to share your recipe with him.

  2. It looks so rich and pecan-y. I’ve never had pecan pie, if you can’t tell. The Nectarines Pie looks absolutely amazing!! I must try that next year when we have fresh ones! Do you have it on Pinterest?

  3. Pinning because pecan pie is one of my absolute favorite desserts ever! My mother-in-law makes it but hers, although authentic, is always very tempermental and I keep asking for the recipe but she always forgets. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!

    1. Pecan Pie is one of my favorites, and it’s what my son always wants for his birthday instead of cake. This recipe is always a winner…super easy and never fails. ENJOY! 🙂 Let me know how it turns out for you.

  4. Oh yum! Pecan pie is one of my two favorite pies. I make my moms recipe and I think it’s identical to this. Simply delicious!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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