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After over 4-1/2 torturous years, my divorce was finalized on December 3rd! As awful as a divorce is, I am so relieved to have it over… it truly was my Christmas Wish come true. Christopher did not make the judge happy, so I got everything I asked for and then some. I was absolutely shocked at how well the final day in court went. Now, once things settle down and everything starts flowing according to the court order, Rory and I should be doing a little better.

The judge also told Christopher that he had just 2 weeks to get his crap stuff off my property, or else I could deal with it as I wish. His deadline is December 17th… and guess who still has a boatload of stuff here. I have been so busy trying to clean things out and get all of his stuff together in one place. That way he is here for the shortest amount of time possible.

It also seems that Rory was approved for SSI. This is fantastic news as well. We do not have an official approval letter yet from Social Security, but she has a payment in the bank!

Rory’s final (I hope) IEP for school was done on December 6th. Everything stayed the same, which is exactly what we wanted. Woo Hoo!

The first week of December was AWESOME! The second week found Rory picked for two solos in the school Christmas Concert. She is so excited. The concert falls on mine and Luke’s 2-year anniversary of dating.

It’s a happy, happy Christmas! I hope your December is happy too.

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