Happy New Year 2014

Christmas Remnants

We had a wonderful and joyful Christmas, and I hope you did too. It sure was a busy time of year. Along with all of the normal Christmas hectic, we had to go through everything Christopher had stashed around our home and property for him to get it moved out… finally. This was accomplished on the 17th, and it was such a relief.

December 18th brought Rory’s Christmas concert. What fun! Here is a video shot by one of Rory’s friends of her singing solo parts in Silver Bells. Enjoy…

Silver Bells, solos by Rory

We hosted Christmas gatherings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas too. It was one big party around here filled with family and friends. What a blessing this Christmas season has been. Luke was wonderful as usual. My dishwasher went out just before Thanksgiving… guess what I got as an early Christmas present? That’s right, Luke bought me a brand new dishwasher and installed it for me too. It was the most amazing gift ever. It sure was nice to have for Thanksgiving and all of our Christmas celebrations. I decorated it with a giant red bow with a tag To: Lorelai From: Luke. What a sweetie I have. Thanks, honey!

Now it’s time for tearing down Christmas. I sure had a lot of fun decorating my home, but now I have to get everything organized to be put away. If you have any suggestions or tricks you could share, I would greatly appreciate it.

Rory and I actually had a fun time taking down the tree. She plopped herself on the floor where the tree had been, and I just couldn’t help myself… This was the result…

Christmas Tree Teardown - Rory 1-3-2014Oh, I’m the happiest Christmas Tree, Ho Ho Ho, Hee Hee Hee…

Well, here’s to a new year filled with blessings and happiness! I hope we have lots of fun together blogging in this New Year 2014.

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