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So Long, Jay Leno… Now, Shut Your Von Trapp!

Jay Leno |Life With Lorelai
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It’s the End of an Era

What a fitting farewell for Jay Leno. It was wonderful to watch the two old friends reminisce the years. Billy Crystal is not only a great entertainer, but a great friend. His musical surprise tribute to Jay was the best! Check it out…


Jay made me cry with his heartfelt goodbye. It was truly like saying goodbye to a dear friend.


So long, Jay ~ You’ll be missed!

Do you have any favorite Jay Leno moments?

How do you think Jimmy Fallon will be as the next host?

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10 thoughts on “So Long, Jay Leno… Now, Shut Your Von Trapp!”

  1. I feel like I’m too young or something to watch him, but my dad did for a long time. He was on the air forever! I like Jimmy Fallon though, he’s pretty funny

  2. I think Jimmy Fallon will do fine! He is so funny, and also was an actor in movies (w queen latifa!)
    It was a real tear jerker watching Jay at the end of his last show 🙁 I have watched many of his shows over the years! I remember him being a guest on Johnny Carsons’ show too!

  3. Farewell Jay! Cannot wait to see you in your next adventure in life. Great comedian, Great show.. I admit, I missed many of them due to deep sleep needs but Johnny picked the right guy all those years ago and don’t think it was a decision he ever would have regretted.

  4. Thank you for capturing these moments – It was a heart-felt goodbye & I couldn’t help but cry along with him <3 I loved Jay. My DH & I started watching him on our "hiatus" since we were up late most nights. When we moved to So-Cal, we went to see him at the "Jay Leno Show". I'm really going to miss his "Monday Night Headlines". I think Jimmy is the right man to take over the show. He is funny & obviously has a good heart. ~Renee

  5. I don’t watch cable tv, though I am aware of what is on by watching clips here and there. I think there’s a difference in comedic style between the two and I will be curious to see how that goes over. I enjoy Jimmy Fallon immensely.

  6. We were never really a Leno fan but did watch from time to time when the guests attracted us. I thought he did a great job as host. I remember when Carson had him on as a guest and remember when he took over for Carson. We watched his interview on CBS Morning show, was impressed with his sincerity about retiring. He is a good entertainer. Jimmy Fallon is funny and talented. I think the show will be somewhat different now, that should be interesting to watch. Late Night may become competitive!

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