National Coffee Day - September 29
Happy National Coffee Day!

Oh, the brew I find so dear
We now have reason to give cheer.
‘Tis National Coffee Day indeed,
So all your lovers will take heed.
They’ll trail the aromatic scent
to fill their cups with lusciousness,
the perfect brew is time well spent.
So here’s to the dark and rich and bold,
Raise your cup ’cause you’ve been told.
‘Tis National Coffee Day,
~Sherry Bridges

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National Coffee Day Love

I thought I’d share some Pins from my Coffee Love Pinterest Board for your coffee sipping enjoyment…

did she just say decaf -

May your cup runneth over -

Pilates - Pie and Lattes -

Coffee Humor -

coffee art - bear -

Bible says men should make coffee -

Scrabble Coffee -

Too much blood in coffee stream -

OMG I love coffee -

Starbucks Recipes -

What’s your favorite coffee drink?

Where do you like to drink your coffee?

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