Perfect Pumpkin Picking For Carving -

Perfect Pumpkin Picking For Carving

Perfect Pumpkin Picking For Carving -

Perfect Pumpkin Picking

For your Carved Creations

I spend the month of October drawing designs and creating patterns for my Pumpkin Carvings. For my design to be a success, I need to pick the Perfect Pumpkin. Now, you might think that you just trot on over to the nearest pumpkin patch, grocery store, or wherever you purchase your pumpkins and grab one or two… ok, eight to twelve for me. But I have a system for Perfect Pumpkin Picking, and I am going to share it with you.

Picking a Perfect Pumpkin:

  1. Take your pattern / stencil with you to choose your pumpkin.
  2. Take masking tape and a pen shopping for pumpkins so you can tag each pumpkin for its specific design.
  3. You want the design to cover 75-85% of the pumpkin face.
  4. Press your thumbnail into the pumpkin to make sure it leaves an impression. If no impression is left, the pumpkin is too hard for carving.
  5. Pay attention to the bumps and grooves in the carving area of your pumpkin. Deep grooves, or too many bumps can warp your design and make it difficult to carve. It may be hard to get an evenness in the lighting of your design if the grooves are too thick. (There are times when you can make bumps or grooves work for your design).
  6. Keep in mind that some pumpkins do have growths on them (a sort of tan-brown color). These are usually easy to remove by shaving carefully with a small knife.
  7. Be sure there are no scars or punctures anywhere on your pumpkin that are weeping, oozing, or growing mold.
  8. Check for soft spots–you do not want any soft spots in your pumpkin.
  9. If there are little gnats or flies buzzing around, be sure it is not your pumpkin that is attracting them.

There you have it. Go forth and pick the Perfect Pumpkin!

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Do you have any tips for picking the Perfect Pumpkin?

What design ideas do you have for pumpkin carving this year?






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16 thoughts on “Perfect Pumpkin Picking For Carving”

  1. Interesting ways to pick a pumpkin – kind of like choosing a watermelon. There is a way to it. I have never picked nor carved a pumpkin before. I know, I know……I usually just go to the store and buy a few for decorating.

  2. I pretty much suck at carving pumpkins, so I buy the fake ones and spray paint them and gussy them up. Your tip about taking the stencil with you is a winner! I’ve been working on my Thanksgiving tablescape for my blog and I bought little pumpkins for stenciled place cards. You guessed it – the pumpkins were too small for the stencil. I visited your carving page and I’m in awe! You’ve got some serious talent going on.

    1. LOL… Alli, I have had the same problem with purchasing the wrong size pumpkin, hence the tip. Hahaha! I can’t wait to see your Thanksgiving tablescape. Thanks for visiting my pumpkin carving page. 🙂

  3. Although I was still new to blogging this time last year, I remember your Pumpkin carving talent and all the beautiful pumpkins you shared. These are great tips! So glad you shared. Pinning this to my Pumpkins board.

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