The Pumpkin Prayer - Life With Lorelai -

The Pumpkin Prayer

A Halloween Activity with God

Are you wanting to do a fun Halloween activity with your kids? How about one that puts your heart and mind in the right place? The Pumpkin Prayer is something you can do that puts God into your Halloween.

Even little children can carve pumpkins with the easy to use Pumpkin Master Carving tools that you find all over town in grocery stores, Target, Walmart, drug stores, or wherever. Everyone will have a wonderful time with this project, and it offers great hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills exercise.

The children will be proud of their creation and want to tell everyone about God’s love and the Pumpkin Prayer. The Pumpkin Prayer would be awesome for a Trunk or Treat event. Set-up a Pumpkin Prayer booth, or attach the free Pumpkin Prayer PRINTABLE to a treat bag!

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Pumpkin Prayer Printable PDF Preview - Life With Lorelai -

On to the Activity of the day:

Help your child say the prayer with each step of the carving. Pull them into a conversation about the meaning of each stanza of the prayer. Enjoy!


The Pumpkin Prayer

Dear God,

Open my mind so I can learn about you;

Cut Pumpkin - Pumpkin Prayer - Life With Lorelai

Take away all my sin, and forgive me for the wrong things I do;

Clean Pumpkin - Pumpkin Prayer - Life With Lorelai

Open my eyes so Your love I will see;

Cut Eyes - Pumpkin Prayer - Life With Lorelai

I’m sorry for turning up my nose to all You have given me;

Cut Nose - Pumpkin Prayer - Life With Lorelai

Open my mouth to tell others You’re near;

Cut Mouth - Pumpkin Prayer - Life With Lorelai

Let Your Light shine in all I say and do!

Candle and Light - Pumpkin Prayer - Life With Lorelai



Let your happy little pumpkins show how much God loves you!

My hope is that you will make prayer a special and fun-filled time with your children, while you share this Pumpkin Prayer Halloween activity. Have a blessed day.

Have you seen the Pumpkin Prayer before?

What Halloween activities do you enjoy with your kids?




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