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A Little Boss’s Day Fun…

It’s Boss’s Day! My Luke owns and operates a hot rod shop. He builds and restores hot rods, classic cars, trucks, tractors, you name it. It is pretty cool to see these cars and get to ride in them for test drives too.

Last Spring, Dean, one of Rory’s friends, began an apprenticeship at the shop. Rory and I have had many laughs because of the many, many similarities between Luke and Dean. Not only do they both have a love of classic cars, but they walk the same, stand the same, get some of the same facial expressions, have a very similar sense of humor, and the list goes on. It is just the two of them working there, I help out with billing, errand running, etc… and am head of the “HR Department” (there isn’t one)… LOL

Well, a few weeks ago, Rory was tooling around facebook, and she ran across a photo that Dean’s dad had posted of Dean when he was about 6 or 7 years old. Luke happened to stop by my house right after we found the picture. We decided that we would have a little fun. We made Dean ‘Employee of the Month’. I made a poster using the photo his dad had posted and sneaked it into the shop and hung it on the wall. We had a HUGE laugh and tons of fun. Dean’s family all loved it, and Dean was a super sport!

Here’s Dean’s Employee of the Month poster…

Dean - Employee of the Month - Life With Lorelai

Everyone who has stopped by the shop has LOVED this!

Fast Forward to Last Week…

Rory and I were at Target, and on the end cap of the greeting card section was a sign for Boss’s Day and some cute cards. We had to get the one with squirrels on it, because we have a running joke with Luke about squirrels. We called Dean, and he was on-board for a little Boss’s Day fun!

I decide to create a poster for Luke, ‘Boss of the Year.’ But to do this right, I had to sneak into Luke’s house (it was real stealth, I used my key, ha!), while he was at work and swiped a couple DVD that his sister had made from old family movies. I searched the DVDs until I found the perfect picture of Luke at 6-years-old. It was really better as a video, but I needed a still shot.

Here’s Luke’s Boss of the Year poster…

Luke - Boss of the Year - Life With Lorleai

Wasn’t my hot rod honey a cutey pie!?! This photo is from when they were living in Hawaii, while his dad was stationed at Hickam Field, Air Force Base.

Anyhoo, we are presenting Luke with his Boss’s Day card and Boss of the Year award today! I cannot wait to see his reaction! Fun, fun, fun…

What’s in store for my day? LAUGHS! And, yes, I have already sneakily returned the DVDs to their proper place.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and be sure to wish your boss a Happy Boss’s Day!


What kind of crazy fun have you gotten up to?

Did you do anything for your boss?

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