Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a wonderful fun-filled Halloween Night 2014.

Halloween Night 2014 was one of the best Halloweens ever! We had such an awesome time last night with our trick-or-treaters. The jack-o’-lanterns were a huge success. Neighbors were telling neighbors and sending them over to see it all. Our yard was the ultimate photo spot for the evening.

Here’s what the house looked like…

Halloween Night 2014 Victorian Vignette - Life With Lorelai
My neighbor gave me this gorgeous antique Victorian loveseat and two matching chairs this past Monday. It was perfect for relaxing in the courtyard and greeting our Halloween guests, and it really set the tone for our Halloween Night 2014. Luke drilled holes in my little black cauldron, so I could use my hanging plant stand for our candy.


House Front Halloween Night 2014 - Life With Lorelai
We had tons of fun decorating for Halloween… here’s what the front of the house looked like.


Front Yard Halloween Night - Life With Lorelai

Luke made special shelves for displaying my pumpkins. They attached to the wrought iron of the brick wall, and are completely reusable for next year!


Pumpkins on Pedestals - Life With Lorelai

We recycled these concrete bench legs from our DIY Courtyard Project as Pumpkin Pedestals. They really added a Gothic feel.


Pumpkin Shelves - Left Side - Life With Lorelai

The pumpkin shelves were nearly invisible. It was such a cool look.


Pumpkin Shelves - Right Side - Life With Lorelai

Everyone wanted to get up close and personal with the jack-o’-lanterns. To complete the mood for the evening, we had a collection of 23 versions of Grim Grinning Ghosts playing in the background. The music almost made the Singing Graveyard Busts come to life. All in all, it was a super fun Halloween Night 2014!


And the remainder of the pumpkins I carved for Halloween…

You can check out the first two pumpkins of the season, Singing Graveyard Busts and Drac-n-Bat’s ’32 here.

Cat-Walking Witch 2014 - Life With Lorelai

Cat-Walking Witch 2014

Screaming Tree 2014 - Life With Lorelai

Screaming Tree 2014

Creeper Monster 2014 - Life With Lorelai.jpg

Creeper Monster 2014

We're Watching You... Beware! 2014 - Life With Lorelai

We’re Watching You…Beware! 2014

If you’d like see even more pumpkins, Click Here!

I hope your Halloween was every bit as wonderful as ours.

How do you decorate for Halloween?

Do you have any special Halloween traditions?

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