December 2014 - Life With Lorelai

December 2014 – Gratitude, Promise & Memories

December 2014 - Life With Lorelai
Photo from Cynthia Hart’s  2014 Victoriana Calendar

It’s Time For Christmas!

December 2014

December–what more is there to say than the Glory of Christmas! I love Christmastime. The music, the goodies, the family and friends, the joy, happiness and festivities, the gift giving, and the Reason for the Season. As we explore the wonders of Christmas this month, I hope you love and enjoy December 2014, as much as I will.

Now, onto…


Gratitude, Promise & Memories


Top Five Posts for November 2014…

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Thank you to all who have shared and featured us this past month!

Coming December 2014 to Life With Lorelai…

  • Christmas Traditions
  • Blog Planner – FREE PRINTABLES
  • Christmas Chalkboards
  • St. Nicholas Day
  • Christmas Music

From the Vault

This month’s feature from the vault is Home for the Holidays. Join me on a tour of our home in all its festive glory–decorated for the holidays. We love to decorate for all the seasons and little holidays, but Christmas is by far my most favorite holiday for decorating. The memories that accompany each decoration bring true joy and happiness. I hope you enjoy this little peek into our Home for the Holidays. Click below…

December 20, 2013 | Home for the Holidays

 Have a Wonderful December 2014!

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13 thoughts on “December 2014 – Gratitude, Promise & Memories”

    1. I had such a good time co-hosting The Ultimate Cookie Party! I enjoyed every moment from the meeting of new people to the amazing collection of recipes shared. Some of my November top five posts were shared at the party. 🙂

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