A random act of kindness gave my daughter a night she’ll never forget…

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A Random Act of Kindness

A Dream Come True


I am sure you have all heard of the concept of a Random Act of Kindness, but have you ever experienced it first hand? Random acts of kindness are blessing for both giver and receiver. And today, I’d like to share a story of how one such Random Act of Kindness made the dream of Prom a reality.

The Act:

It was Rory’s senior year in high school, and we were extremely strapped for money. My ex, Rory’s dad, had stopped making the payments for my Suburban without telling me. I only found out when the man came to repossess the truck. Needless to say, it was a time riddled with stress and financial hardship. We did however manage to rescue our sole form of transportation, but it was a struggle to say the least.

Of course, as any high school girl, Rory had dreamed of going to Prom. Some how, I was going to make this work. I managed to scrimp and save to get everything taken care of, except for a dress. We were talking about making one for her, and had actually begun fabric shopping. Rory was looking for something in a medium teal green color, and wanted an asymmetrical style.

One weekend, her best friend, Lane, asked her to go dress shopping with her. Rory would have some fun trying on different dresses and pinpointing a style for us to make for her, while Lane would look for her Prom dress. As they tried on dresses in one store, another lady was there trying on a dress that she had custom ordered. The lady wasn’t as happy with the fit of the dress as she had hoped and wanted Rory to give it a try.

Rory tried on the dress, which fit almost perfectly, and was the exact color she was wanting for Prom. The custom-made dress was pre-paid and non-returnable. The lady told Rory she would sell it to her for fifty dollars. Rory told the lady that she didn’t have the money with her, but that she would call me and have me come down to the store. The lady just replied, “Don’t worry about the money. It’s gorgeous on you, and you should have it.”

The lady proceeded to tell the store clerk what she had decided to do, and signed a receipt for the clerk to notate the transaction. Rory thanked the lady, but the lady left the store before Rory could get any contact information. The sales clerk told Rory that the lady had paid close to $150 for the dress. In shock and flying high, Rory came home with a beautiful new dress free of charge. The lady probably has no idea of just how much that unselfish gift meant to Rory and to me.


The Outcome:

Now, the dress was the color Rory wanted, but it was a straight hemline, knee-length dress. So, my creative juices started flowing. What could I do to turn this free Prom dress into her absolute dream Prom dress? I wanted the dress to be wearable after Prom as a Graduation dress and more. It was back to the fabric store for me. I found a medium teal sparkly tulle that would be perfect.

I got to work and created a detachable bustle-train for the dress. It provided a beautiful sparkle and pop for Prom, and also transformed the straight hemline to an asymmetrical one–Rory’s dream.






Hair and make-up done, Rory looked like a princess…and felt like one too.


Dean thought Rory looked beautiful too.

As for Graduation… I gave Rory her first ‘shorter” hair cut ever, and she wore the dress a second time–no bustle-train, an entirely new look. She was thrilled.


This lady’s Random Act of Kindness warmed our hearts, and the hearts of all those we told. The selflessness of a perfect stranger made dreams come true… thank you.


Pay It Forward:

I challenge each and every one of you to be of a giving heart, and provide a Random Act of Kindness. These acts don’t need to cost money, they can be anything. Kindness is an act of the heart and a blessing to all. Make it a goal for this new year.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a Random Act of Kindness?

Will you make giving Random Acts of Kindness a goal this year?





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