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Holiday Sidebar Decorations

Valentine’s Day 2015


You have seen my sidebar all decked out for Christmas with its snowy lighted village and mistletoe stick here. But I wanted to share with you my holiday sidebar decor for Valentine’s Day. I had so much fun putting it all together. I even created a special PRINTABLE frame that you can Download for FREE.

So, here it is…

The Valentine’s Day Holiday Sidebar

??????????Valentine's Day Holiday Sidebar

Here’s what we’ve got going.

Above the Sidebar:

Victorian Valentine with Red Rose Heart

A Victorian Valentine wood plaque with a red rose heart wreath hanging below.

The Sidebar Centerpiece:

Conversation Heart Glass and Candle Centerpiece

I have been using this centerpiece for probably 15 years or more…yes with the same conversation hearts! I double bag the hearts in zipper-lock bags for storage. This is always a fun decoration, and brings lots of fun conversation each year. This year I set it on my new red charger plate.

The Chalkboard:

Be Mine Valentine's Day Chalkboard

The Birdcage Candle Holder:

Birdcage Candle holder

The Flower Vases:

Rose and Hydrangea Flowers in Pink Vase

The Valentine Pedestal Frame:

Valentine's Day Pedestal Frame

I really had a great time creating this photo graphic for the frame. You can Download the FREE PRINTABLE frame and add your own pictures to it for a special Valentine of your own.

Here’s a picture of the free printable:

Valentine's Day Printable Frame - Life With Lorelai

Download FREE Printable here.

Valentine's Day Holiday Sidebar 2015

I balanced out the sidebar and added a couple of Valentine candy dishes. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I loved decorating the Holiday Sidebar.

How do you like to decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Do you have any traditional decorations?

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