Labeley Design and Print in 3 Steps -

Labeley Customizes Your Party Drinks

Labeley Design and Print in 3 Steps -


Customize Your Party Drinks with Labeley

Give your party a little pizzazz!


Are you ready for your Super Bowl Party? Want to make your party the one everyone talks about all year long? Want to give it a little personalized kick? I have a fantastic and fun idea for you!

When Doris from Labeley contacted me and asked about publishing a post about making personalized labels in time for the Super Bowl, I quickly went to check out their website. I was impressed! What a great idea–so creative and super easy. Of course, I had to say, “YES!”

So, now, learn and enjoy Labeley with Doris…



How to Make Your Party Drinks Stand Out with Custom Labels

Are you ready for this coming Sunday? You had plenty of time to explore these Super Bowl party tips and perhaps choose a few that you liked the most to try out for your wild party. If you’ve already got everything planned out, good for you! But I’m sure there are many of you who still need inspiration, so one more idea for throwing a unique football party with very little effort might come very handy.

Since there seems to be an abundance of food ideas online, let’s focus on drinks. Here’s one interesting tool for playing with beverages that can really make your party the talk of the month.

The tool is called Labeley and it lets users create personalized labels online for free. It is pretty simple and offers a lot of neat options.

First go to the tool’s homepage here and choose the type of label you need for your party: beer, wine, or even kids labels if perhaps you’re throwing a children’s Super Bowl party.

Let’s say you want to surprise your beer-drinking buddies. Click on “Beer Labels” and start by picking your labels’ shape.

I outlined which shape and border I’m using for this demonstration. Click on the arrow on the right to choose some interesting color and background template/image for the label:

The commands are pretty straightforward. As you see, you can choose any color in the upper left hand corner of the tool, then pick a background template or choose an image file that you want to use as background.

Next on the menu are Main Graphics. Explore this collection of fun illustrations and choose one you think your guests would enjoy:

You can also choose not to add any graphics (click on the “no graphics” field), because the tool will let you upload any file from your computer and use it as the main label image in one of the next few steps.

Before personalizing the label with a unique photo, choose a ribbon or banner that will be used for placing the beer title or any text you wish to add later.

Go to the next step and choose text for your label.

You can play around with text options, choose font, its color, size, style and shape, as well as add different outlines and effects.

If you want to personalize your label with a funny photo of your friends or a photo of your favorite Super Bowl player, go back to Main Graphics and choose the “no graphics” option, and then upload your chosen photo in this final step.

You can then save your label, print it out and decorate your beer bottles with it.

Enjoy the party!



Doris, thank you so much for sharing Labeley with us. What an awesome tool. I can think of so many creative ways to use Labeley–21st birthday parties, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, baby showers, weddings… Oh , I can’t wait to give it a try!

How would you use Labeley?

Do you have a design in mind that you’d like to try?


Leave me a comment… I’d love to hear from you!



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16 thoughts on “Labeley Customizes Your Party Drinks”

  1. This is great. It sounds easy to use. It’s always fun to decorate with personalized touches. I’m headed over there now to check it out. Thanks for sharing with us Lorelai.

  2. I’ve never heard of Labeley before, but it looks like an awesome app! I’ll have to check it out. Thank you for sharing with us at Merry Monday!

  3. I love the custom labels you made. This could help my family a lot. Like any family, we assembled en mass for the holidays. With that many people around, we all lose track of who used which cup. With this label making, we can put peoples names and fun designs on each cup. It could be a fun little keepsake for each person.

  4. This would be amazing for things like home brewing! A friend of mine has some amazing home brews, but he sells them in the bare bottles. I think I would personally use this for custom soda bottles for a kids birthday party!

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