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EasyRecipe Plug-In

It’s Not Just For Recipes!


Let me start by saying that I absolutely love my EasyRecipe Plug-In, and I am in no way being compensated for this post. EasyRecipe comes in both free and paid versions. I use the free plug-in for WordPress.

I have been using the EasyRecipe Plug-In since I took the blog self-hosted last September. The plug-in is simple to use, and it creates a really nice, neat and organized printable recipe that includes a picture.

Easy Recipe for Recipe

Over this past weekend, as I perused the different link-ups at the Home Matters Linky Party #23, I came across this post: Make Your Own Envelopes {free template} by Abbie at Blossoms and Posies.  I loved her envelope tutorial, but I was also impressed with her printable instructions.

It struck me, that the instructions were made printable through the use of the EasyRecipe Plug-In. I thought it was an ingenious idea! So, I set out to give this new found fun a test run, and I published my DIY Sports Button Display post, which includes printable instructions.

Easy Recipe for DIY Project

Isn’t that a great idea! Now you have a way to make not only your Recipes printable, but also your DIY projects, How-To posts, Crafts, Sewing projects, Gift Making Ideas, and so much more. The possibilities are endless, and it can only enhance your blog by making it easier for your readers. Sounds like a win–win to me!

I hope you enjoy this new idea, and the usefulness of the EasyRecipe Plug-In. I know you will be seeing more of it in my blog posts.

Have you ever used the EasyRecipe Plug-in?

Do you have any other ideas for using EasyRecipe on your blog?

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