March 2015 - Victoriana Calendar

Photo from Cynthia Hart’s 2015 Victoriana Calendar

March 2015

March rolled in with the largest thunder and lightening storm we have seen in Huntington Beach, California in years! It was absolutely pouring down rain–a much needed drenching for this drought plagued state. But then, the MOST AMAZING thing happened… we had a huge hail storm! It was like a white Christmas on the beach! Check out this video…

Crazy, right? It was kind of cool though. LOL

So, now onto what happened on the blog…


Gratitude, Promise & Memories


Top Five Posts for February 2015…

Thank you for being an amazing part of Life With Lorelai and enjoying these posts. You have helped my blog grow.

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Featured Posts of February 2015…

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Thank you to all who have shared and featured us this past month!

Coming March 2015 to Life With Lorelai…

Watch for posts on the rose garden, guest room makeover, and some recipes!

From the Vault

Here is something fun! Give it a try and find out Which Austen Heroine you are? Click below…

Austen Heoinr Quiz - Marianne DashwoodJuly 7, 2013 | Which Austen Heroine Are You?

Have a Wonderful March 2015!

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