Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial - An Easter Tradition - Life With Lorelai

Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial

Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial - An Easter Tradition - Life With Lorelai


Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial

An Easter Tradition


It has been a long-standing tradition at our house for the Easter Bunny to leave a chalk drawing in the driveway. The kids would find this surprise first thing Easter morning, as we left for church. That silly bunny always manages to hop through the drawing leaving his colored footprints behind, as he hops up to the house and away again.

I hadn’t done a drawing in years; but last year, Luke’s two grandnieces where coming for Easter dinner. That meant our tradition had to be resurrected–and this time I was recruiting some help. So, after everything was ready inside the house, Rory and I put on our figurative bunny ears and hopped on out to the driveway–armed and dangerous with sidewalk chalk.

Here are the Steps to Creating Your Own Chalk Art:

  1. Decide on your Design.
    I found my inspiration for the drawing online…
Photo found at Gainsville Apartment & Condo Guide Blog
  1. Draw the basic Outline for your Design.
    You can see that I used white chalk to draw my outline. You can use a different color, but be sure that you will be able to blend it into your design. Try to keep the outline as light as possible.

  1. Draw in the Details for the specific area in which you are working.

  1. Color in the Design.
    Use lighter and darker colors to create shadows and depth to your drawing. Mix colors to make new colors.

  1. Take your Chalk work from Drawing to Art.
    This step will transform your drawing into a work of art! It will also give it some real lasting power. Use water and paint brush to wet down the chalk. Paint over the chalk, filling in any missing areas created from the rough canvas. Be careful NOT to mix your colors, unless you intend to do so. This will create a painted type of artwork versus the rough and grainy look of a regular sidewalk chalk drawing. As you paint over the chalk with water, your colors will darken and change, do not worry, they will dry and be beautiful.

Notice how vibrant and solid the colors of the painted bunny look.

Here are Some Additional Tips:

  1. Wear Disposable Gloves while you work. This will keep your hands cleaner, and not dry out your skin. They also change easily when they get dirty.
  1. A Kneeling Pad is your best friend!
  1. Have a Towel or Rag for leaning your hand on. This will help keep you from getting “road rash” from leaning heavily on the concrete.
  1. Paper Towels will come in handy.
  1. Use different cups of water for differing colors, so you don’t muddy the colors of your creation.

A couple of sample photos will show you the different types of sidewalk chalk art.. Be sure to notice the color layering for depth and interest, as well as the rough and smooth textures. One sample is a regular chalk drawing, while the other has been water painted.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial. Now, go have some fun creating Sidewalk Chalk Art.


Have you ever created any Sidewalk Chalk Art?

Did you paint your drawing with water?


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36 thoughts on “Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial”

  1. How cute! You are very talented! Also, what a fun tradition of chalk on Easter. Sadly, I’m in Michigan and we usually have indoor egg hunts since the weather rarely cooperates for early morning fun 🙁

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so neat! I’ve never heard of such a thing! I am a horrible artist, but with your tips and step by step instructions, even I could probably handle a cross or something simple. Thanks for the cool idea, my girls love it!

  3. Please, please, please come to my house and do this same design! 🙂 You are such an artist! I don’t think mine would look near as good as yours does. I’m in love with that rabbit! Awesome work, Lorelai!

  4. I’m sorry did you use actual paint ? I didn’t get that part. If you did, which paint? And how did you wash it off?

    It’s come out great! I’ve been making chalk designs since I was a kid, it was a LOT easier and more creative then than it is now!

  5. Wow that’s amazing! I love sidewalk chalk but the hubby hated when I used to buy it for the kids. He hated washing down the entire back patio…lol. Maybe if we created something artistic like this he wouldn’t mind 🙂

  6. Your Easter Bunny drawing is AMAZING! You are so good at drawing! Thank you for sharing those really cool tips about sidewalk chalk drawings to turn them into art. I had no idea. I want to give this a try, my kids would love an Easter drawing. Mine won’t be nearly as fab as yours, but it will be fun. Thanks for sharing your Easter tradition. I love it! #HomeMattersParty

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