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Easter Mantle 2015


My life during the past two weeks has been turned upside down, literally. Rory and I are having to move out of our home. A home in which, I grew up, and have lived raising my children for the past almost 23 years.

So, yesterday, when I was moving boxes of holiday decorations, I came across some of my Easter things. It was just what I needed. The happy Springy decorations put a smile on my face, and reminded me of the many blessings that we do have. Luke was gracious enough to let me festoon his mantle…

Easter Mantle 2015

Those are real roses from the yard. I love how they grew with a curve… perfect for my mantle display. I know I’ll have to change these out, but I love the way they look right now.

Bunny Pail

I just love vintage Victoriana!

Easter Decorations 1

These little egg-shaped boxes with their vintage images are fun to decorate with.

Easter Decorations 2

Some cute little Easter train pieces…

Easter Decorations 3

Beaded and Glittered Easter Eggs…

Easter Wreath

This lovely Easter Wreath was a clearance sale find at Armstrong Nursery last year just before Easter. Rory and I couldn’t resist the $12 price tag! It is what I have always been on the look-out for–beautiful pastel colors, glittery shine, and simple. I think it’s gorgeous.

Every time I see this mantle it lifts my spirits, and a little stress flies from my shoulders. I hope you have enjoyed my Easter Mantle 2015 too.

How do you decorate for Easter?

Do you have any favorite Easter decorations?

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