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Sensory Activities for Kids

Turn On the Senses at Playtime!


I’m the new Act in The Sideshow–Scene 13!

Lysa at Welcome To My Circus, invited me to do a guest post for her on-going series, The Sideshow. After racking my brain for what I would write about, I decided to turn my thoughts to children. It fits, right… a circus, children, fun.

I had already been planning a post on Summer Fun for Kids here at Life With Lorelai that will be debuting soon. So, I thought I would explore a certain type of play activities for Lysa. Since my son struggled with Sensory Integration issues when he was young, it is an area that is important to me. Although these types of sensory play are great therapy for kids with special needs, they are fantastic fun, and a great learning experience for everyone!

I hope you will stop by Lysa’s blog and check out my guest post: Sensory Activites For Kids

Here are a few of the sensory play ideas you will find…

Garden Sensory Bin

Garden Sensory Bin from Vicky @ Mess for Less

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15 Animal Walks for Sensory Input

15 Animal Walks for Sensory Input from Dayna @ Lemon Lime Adventures

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Sniffing Scent Jars

Sniffing Scent Jars from Vanessa @ Mama’s Happy Hive

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Sand Play Dough

Sand Play Dough from Jen @ Mama.Papa.Bubba

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Check out the full post here.

And watch for more summer fun for kids coming soon…

Have you explored sensory play with your kids?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions to share?

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