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Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Upscale

A Great Tip for Kitchen Improvement!


Do your kitchen cabinets need help? Don’t have the money to redo them? Here is a fabulous tip to improve your cabinets — make them more functional and more spacious!

Kitchen Cabinet - Closed Wall

You know that old cabinet design with the 90 degree angles and the closed wall shelving. Well, that’s what we have in both corners of our kitchen. It is such a waste of space. One side of the cabinet is long, going all the way back behind the wall of its partner cabinet. When you place something back there…you’d best forget about, because it is near impossible to get it out again. You cannot even see what you have stored back in the darkness–certainly NOT a place for anything you use often, or plan on using ever.

As I tried to combine two kitchens worth of stuff into one, these cabinets became a real issue. Thank goodness for Luke, his trusty tools, his ingenious mind, and his willingness to make me happy.

Luke Cuts the Cabinets

Luke and his Oscillating Dremel went to work cutting out the cabinet walls. If you choose to remove the walls, be sure a border of the wall remains for structural support. With this in mind, Luke cut out the walls on the top and bottom shelves.


Cut Away Walls on Shelving

The photo on the left is the top shelf. As you can see, Luke was able to cut the wall flush with the two shelves. I can see what I have on the shelf all the way to the back corner! I can also slide and maneuver things around with ease.

On the right, is the bottom shelf. More of a window cut was made in this wall to not weaken the cabinet. I can still see to the back corner, and I can reach things easily. Having this opening, even though it is smaller, allows me to store larger things (like my bowls) in the cabinet that would not fit there before. The opening gives the bowls space to hang over into the other cabinet.

Open walls in kitchen cabinets

I was able to get about 2 1/2 times the stuff stored on these shelves. The items are stored neatly and efficiently. I can see what I have, and I can reach everything for easy use. I am thrilled!

Thank you, Luke!!!

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