16 Nifty USB Gadgets - Life With Lorelai

16 Nifty USB Gadgets

16 Nifty USB Gadgets - Life With Lorelai

16 Nifty USB Gadgets

Ingenious ideas from fun to practical…


I was cruising around Pinterest and saw a PIN that I just could not resist, and from there, this post was born. I had a great time researching and finding other clever USB gadgets to share with you. What was the initial piece of gadgetry that caught my eye? Well, let me show you…


Is this not the perfect gadget for that person who may or may not be slightly on the OCD side?! I LOVE this tiny  Retro-Designed USB Vacuum Cleaner! Found at Oddee.


Ever wish you had a nice cold refreshing drink at your fingertips? Well, check this out–just in time for summer. This USB Beverage Cooler gives me the chills. Found at Oddee.


Longing to have a vintage feel to your computer? Does your vintage blog need a little extra inspiration? Here’s something really fun, an Old-Fashioned USB Typewriter. Found at This Is Why I’m Broke.


Go Green with your technology with this very cool USB Solar Window Charger! Who needs to fight for an outlet at Starbucks anymore? Got window? You’re good to go. Found at Impulse Buy.


How nifty is this USB gadget? Wish I’d known about this USB Cassette to MP3 Converter before I dumped a lot of my old cassette tapes. Found at The Gadget Flow.


Are you traveling this summer? Do you hate how airplanes and hotels dry out your skin? Bring back a little moisture with this Portable USB Humidifier. Found at Buzz Feed.


Need to relax and de-stress a little? Maybe you just need to be hip, cool, or trendy? Here’s a USB Plasma Ball. Found at Think Geek.


Want to keep that morning coffee hot while you look over notes for your morning meeting, or catch up on your favorite blogs? Try this Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer. Found at Geek Alerts.


Or perhaps you need something a little more versatile? Check out this Dual Heated Travel Mug (USB or car Charger). Found at Think Geek.


Make a little music of your own with this XKey USb Mobile MIDI Keyboard with Polyphonic Aftertouch. Found at Think Geek.


Can’t get away from your desk, or don’t have a lot of time for lunch? Craving a little midnight snack, but don’t want to call room service? Plug in this USB Microwave. Found at Tech News 24H.


Beat the summer heat with this USB Tabletop Bladeless Fan. Found at The Gadget Flow.

Put a little light on the subject with this USB Laptop Light. Found at Brit+Co.


Get in the groove with some vinyl. Check out this Ion Pro Sound USB Vinyl Record Player. Found at Urban Outfitters.


Having a group meeting at a coffee shop and need a little signage? Want to send someone a message? Try this  super fun USB Programmable LED Message Board. Found at Think Geek.

Talking about sending a message…


How cool is this?! Having trouble with the code for your blog post? Computer glitches got you down? Never fear, Batman is here! ZZOINK! POW!! BAM!!! A USB Batman Bat-Signal… not only for Gotham anymore! Found at DadCanDo.



Want to see more USB Gadgets or other useful and fun things? Check out my Gadgets / Accesories / Technology Board on Pinterest.

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I hope you have had fun discovering these USB Gadgets.

Do you have any favorite USB Gadgets?

Any ideas for USB Gadgets you’d like to see created?


Leave me a comment… I’d love to hear from you!



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23 thoughts on “16 Nifty USB Gadgets”

  1. I don’t know why, but I feel like I need every single one of these. I am sure if I had that coffee warmer, that coffee would end up on my laptop, though…Thank you for sharing these – they are great! As always, lovely co-hosting the HomeMattersParty with you!

  2. That portable humidifier is awesome! They all are, but I think I love it the most. This post had me smiling from the beginning to the end.

  3. Oh my goodness, these are too cute! Who knew they existed? 🙂 I think I need to get the Batman light. I mean, my kids would love me!! Thanks for a great month of co-hosting. I loved being a part of #HomeMattersParty

  4. I’m visiting from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I never even knew anything of these things existed! I really like the idea of the portable humidifier. Thanks for sharing all these things.

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