Kids Summer YIKES - Kids Activities - Life With Lorelai

Kids, Summer, YIKES!

Kids Summer YIKES - Kids Activities - Life With Lorelai

Kids, Summer, YIKES!

Ideas for Summer Kids Activities


Summer is here, and that means the kids are out of school and looking for something to do. Keeping your sanity as a mom, grandparent, or daycare provider means being able to entertain those kids all day long. This can make for a YIKES! moment when it comes to summer planning. What you need are some brilliant ideas for kids activities.

When looking for activity ideas, you want the kids to have fun. But you also want them to get some exercise for both their body and mind. Another consideration is cost. You don’t want summer fun to break the piggy bank.

Here are some ideas to take the YIKES! out of summer…

The first thing to do is to check your local area for summer kids programs such as:

  1. A Summer Reading Program at the Library or Book Store. A lot of children’s libraries have other fun programs available too, like story time, magic shows, animal or science shows.
  1. Free or low cost Movies for kids at the local Theater.
  1. Check with your city or town for free or low cost Swimming sessions, or other programs they may have available.

I like to inspire you to allow your kids to use their imaginations and get outside and move. Check these out…

 Here are some activity ideas for Sensory Play

12 Sensory Activities For Kids

And now, onto some awesome ideas I collected for you from Pinterest…

Build a Lemonade Stand and have some old-fashioned fun! Check out these awesome printables at Somewhat Simple

Find 100+ Summer Lovin’ Ideas at Mother’s Niche

35+ Nature Activities for Kids at Reading Confetti

Snowball Fights in the middle of summer? YES! Check out this California Snowball Fight

32 of the Best Backyard Games from Listotic

50 Cool Summer Activities for Bored Kids (No Parents Required) from The Stir

Summer Science for Kids from Growing A Jeweled Rose

Over 75 Water Play Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

How To Make Amazingly HUGE Bubbles from Baby Savers

Aren’t these some awesome ideas for kids activities? I hope they inspire you and your children to be creative and have some fun!

What are some of your favorite Summertime Activities?

Do you have any special summer plans?


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24 thoughts on “Kids, Summer, YIKES!”

  1. Lorelai, you have just saved me a TON of Pinterest searching! Some of these look great! I think my daughter would love to open a lemonade stand – but the problem is she would try to drink all the lemonade herself! It’s going to be another great month co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you. Thanks for having me!

    1. You can never have too many ideas to keep kids busy, entertained, and learning… Enjoy! We are super excited to have you as part of the Home Matters team–welcome aboard. 🙂

  2. This is such a great resource list Lorelai! I wouldn’t have thought to specifically look for the science activities, but what a great way to keep the learning going all summer. Will definitely do some of them. Thank you for this and for having us as co-hosts for the #HomeMattersParty!

  3. We are almost out of school, so the summer Yikes is upon us. I have to find ways to keep my kids busy or we all go nuts. Thanks for the suggestions! #HomeMattersParty

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