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Tips To Make It Easier

I wanted to kick-off the new school year with a little advice on homework. So, I’ve put together some of the things we found helpful through the years, and also gathered a few other posts for you to peruse.

Let’s face it, everyone wants their child to be successful in school, and homework is a large part of that success. The importance of learning how to do homework is a life lesson in itself. Learning organizational skills, study habits, how to prioritize, and budgeting your time is essential to becoming a successful adult.

Here are some of the things we did:

  1. Do Homework Right After School
    This serves a couple of purposes. The first being that the lessons learned in school are still fresh in their minds, and they will have an easier time recalling the information and putting into practice. Secondly, With the homework monkey off their back, kids will have time to relax, rejuvenate, and share some family-time before getting organized for the following day and going to bed.
  1. Have a Homework Cabinet
    By this I mean have a place where you keep all homework supplies–paper, pencils, crayons, glue, etc. Have file holders for sorting: Homework in progress (for those longer projects), Graded Homework (for studying for tests), etc. We had separate stacks for each child.
  1. Doing Homework on the Go?
    I carried homework supplies in my vehicle–for those days when you pick-up the kids from school and head straight to dance class or soccer practice. Colored pencils, pencils, pens, pencil sharpener, scissors, rulers, compasses, protractors, glue sticks, tape, paper…you name it. If it didn’t melt, I had it in my box. While one child was dancing, I had the other two doing homework. We also carried folding chairs so we could sit outside the hot car.
  1. Use Car Time Wisely
    We practiced math facts, spelling words, and memory verses while driving to and from school everyday.
  1. Help But Don’t Do
    Sometimes kids need help with their homework. It is great to help them before they get so frustrated they just shut down or melt down. The key is to help and not do their work. Do not give answers. Ask questions they can answer that will lead them to the correct answer. If they are just not understanding a concept, re-read the lesson with them and share examples. Help them understand the lesson, before attempting the assignment again. Helping teaches, and kids learn–doing does nothing.

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What are your Homework Strategies?





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