Regular Contributor, Deborah Ward, has done it again! She’s brought us a fantastically fun Halloween DIY project that will make you giddy with ghoulish delight. Enjoy!


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DIY Not-So-Wicked Sign

A Ghoulishly Delightful Halloween Project

While I would never label myself as cheap, I don’t really enjoy spending excess money on stuff that I don’t absolutely have to have. I guess you can call me frugal. However, I really want to have a nicely decorated home when the Holidays roll around. Hmmm…what’s a girl to do? Shop sales and think creatively, of course!

Every year I set a specific budget to purchase new decorations. Since that budget is somewhat low, I try to find things I can make myself using craft supplies I already have. As a result, I was able to make this adorable “Wicked” sign for around $5. You can’t find a completed sign this cute for $5 in a store! If you are buying all of your supplies for the first time, expect to pay more, but this can still be a cheap craft.

I found this cute little cardboard sign at a popular nationwide craft store. It retailed for $9.95, but was on sale for half price. They also had others that said things like, “Trick or Treat.”

What You’ll Need:

Deborah Ward - Oct 15 - DIY Not So Wicked Sign 4


  • Cardboard sign (OR…You can get super crafty and make one out of wood)
  • Acrylic paint (one color to compliment the paper you will use)
  • Cardstock (one piece for each letter)
  • Craft glue (the kind you can use as a glue and sealant)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon, Twine, Wire (Whatever you want to use for the bow and to hang it)
  • Hot glue and Hot glue gun


Step One:

Deborah Ward - Oct 15 - DIY Not So Wicked Sign 2


The first thing you’ll need to do is give your sign a nice coat of paint. Front, back, top, bottom, sides, and inside. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step Two:

Deborah Ward - Oct 15 - DIY Not So Wicked Sign 1


After the paint has completely dried, grab your first sheet of cardstock, and flip it over so that you only see the back side of the paper. Then, place the front side of the sign down on top of the paper. So, basically, it’s like you are looking at the sign from the back. With a pencil, trace the letter on to the paper, and then, cut it out. Set aside and continue with the other letters.

Step Three:

Deborah Ward - Oct 15 - DIY Not So Wicked Sign 5


Now that you have your letters cut out, one at a time spread glue on to the sign, and place your cut out paper pieces on top. When you have all letters glued down, allow to dry, then spread a liberal (but not too thick) layer of glue on top, paying close attention to the places where each letter connects. Set aside to dry completely.

Step Four:

Deborah Ward - Oct 15 - DIY Not So Wicked Sign 6


To make the bow pictured above, I used three different things: white tulle, black ribbon, and orange twine. Take the ends of each element you are using and hold them together in your hand. Measure out how much you want to use. For a thin bow, use less. For a fuller bow, use more. I used approximately three feet.

Holding the ends together, start looping the ribbons (like you would an extension cord) so that you have a circle about 5-inches or 6-inches wide. Holding the center tight, tie and knot a piece of ribbon to secure it. Fluff out the ends to achieve the desired look.

Step Five:

Deborah Ward - Oct 15 - DIY Not So Wicked Sign 3


Now that you have all of your elements ready to go, plug in your hot glue gun. Once hot, place a dollop of glue down where you want your bow to go. For fun, I cut six, 6-inch long pieces of colored craft wire to go below the bow. I carefully placed the wire into the hot glue. Then, add another small dollop of glue, and press your bow down on top of it. Allow to dry.

Measure out another piece of ribbon or twine about 12-inches long. Once dried, flip the sign over, and decide exactly where you want to place your hanger ribbon. Add some hot glue, press the ribbon into it, and then, add a top layer of hot glue. Do this to both sides. Allow to completely dry before hanging.


Deborah Ward - Oct 15 - DIY Not So Wicked Sign 7


Re-fluff the bow, curl up the wire a little, and display your new sign proudly! Having cute decorations in your home doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you are willing, the only real cost is your time.


Here are a couple of other ideas for Halloween decorations on a budget:

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