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DIY Tassel Ring

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Ever since Christopher Kane’s tassel earrings, tassels seem to be all the rage. There are a ton of tassel DIYs out there. I’ve been no exception, and have done a couple of tasseled jewellery tutorials myself. This is my first ever Tassel Ring. Hope you guys like it.

Tassel Ring Supplies

What you need:

  1. Glue- I used E6000, which is slow drying. I would recommend a fast drying one if you have an alternative, as using E6000 can sometimes result in the bead sliding off the ring base. Not to mention the smell!!!
  2. Silver ring base
  3. Tassel
  4. Silver headpin
  5. Round flat bead in a matching tone to the tassel
  6. Pair of pliers


Aren’t these round beads cute? I found them in a bead shop in Covent Garden, but you can use any round beads really. Just make sure it matches the colour of the tassel, or contrasts with the tassel. I do like pieces which “surprise” you.

Tassel Ring 1

Step 1

Slide the round bead to the end of the headpin, then use the pliers to bend the wire to a right angle. Make sure the bend is right where the bead ends so that you have a neat finishing. Use that excess wire to make a loop with the pliers but don’t close the loop.

Tassel Ring 2

Step 2

Slide the tassel onto the loop made in Step 1, then close firmly using the pliers.

Step 3

Last step now! Apply some glue to the bead, and press the ring base firmly down. Leave to dry. Drying time depends on the glue used. E6000 for example takes about 24 hours, which can be a pain. Also do remember to work in a well-ventilated room if you are using E6000, as it comes with a toxicity warning. Unfortunately, I’ve not found anything to replace it 100% yet!!

DIY Tassel Ring

Wasn’t this a quick and simply project? It took me 2 minutes.


If you’ve liked this Tassel Ring, check out the matching Tassel Earring Tutorial I made here 🙂

Wouldn’t this make a fun gift idea for the holidays?!


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