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How-To Create A Christmas Topiary

A Holiday DIY Project from Regular Contributor, Michelle James


Well, we are smack in the middle of the holiday season. I am slowly getting my decorating done, and will probably finish on Christmas Eve. I have wanted an outdoor Christmas topiary for a while now; so, this year I finally decided to make one.


How-to Create A Christmas Topiary

We had almost all of the supplies on hand for this project. The only thing I purchased was the large ornament from a home improvement store on sale for $7.99 and the set of 35 lights.

Supplies needed:

  • Outdoor Pot – I used one I already had that wasn’t full of dirt.
  • Saucer – This is a plastic saucer for pots and it happened to fit into the pot so it worked out perfectly. It was white so it got a coat of paint to help match it up with the pot a little better.
  • Dowel – (or something similar) We had some PVC pipe left over from a lighting project and it was perfect.
  • Filler – This is to fill the pot. In Iowa it gets pretty windy so some rocks went in as well. We also have a ton of foam insulation so that is what we used.
  • Large Ornament
  • Small ornaments
  • Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Lights – I used a 35 pk.



Christmas Topiary - 2


I have to give credit where credit is due. Since my husband got his hours cut at work, he has been helping me A LOT with my projects. He actually got the first part of this done for me. He is a great guy and deserves the credit.

He removed the gold hanging element off the top of the large ornament so there would be a hole for the dowel/PVC pipe. I actually turned the ornament upside down so it would look like a tree.

He drilled a hole in the middle of the saucer and spray painted it brown to match the pot.

He used some rocks and some filler inside the pot around the dowel/PVC to help it stay upright along with the help of the saucer. Then placed the ornament onto the PVC.


Christmas Topiary - 3


It fit nicely. This is the saucer before he had it painted but I thought it was a genius idea. The lights and the ornaments had a nice place to sit now.


Christmas Topiary 4


I placed the lights down first into the saucer and then placed the red ball ornaments on top of the lights around the large “tree”.


Christmas Topiary - 5


Then, all I had to do was plug it in. Doesn’t it look nice? And, it was super easy.


Christmas Topiary - 6


Christmas Topiary 7


I added some LED lights (not a huge fan of the bright white) around a metal “trellis” instead of a tomato cage for a second tree. Bright white aside…

I just love it! What type of décor do you use outside during the holidays?

I hope you will come back to see my “warm and cozy” throw blankets on December 29th.

Enjoy your holiday!


Christmas Topiary - 1


Michelle James - Michelle James Designs - Contributor Bio Graphic - Christmas 2015

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