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Happy New Year!

Start the Year Clean and Fresh with Clorox

The holidays are over. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Now, we look forward to the grueling drudgery of packing away all those decorations and cleaning every nook and cranny of the house for the New Year. I thought I would introduce you to my favorite NEW cleaning product—Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers available at Target.

We all know that underneath and behind all those glorious holiday displays seethe all kinds of dirt and grime that has not seen a really good cleaning since Thanksgiving. They are everyone’s dirty little secrets.

Well, the New Year is here, and it is time to come clean. All that holiday cooking and baking takes a toll on your kitchen and appliances. The quick wipe-downs that worked around your busy holiday schedule, leaves you in need of something more thorough. Factor in that it is the middle of cold and flu season, and a good cleaning and disinfecting cannot be more important for your family’s health.

I know you all have used Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes before, and if you are like me, you love them. Those convenient pop-top bottles stay well stocked in my supply closet. But now, there is a new Clorox® product available that has quickly found its way to my cleaning heart. It was easy to add the Micro-Scrubber Wipes to my cleaning arsenal for those tough jobs.

Clorox now offers a second type of disinfecting wipes–upping the toughness of their wipes by adding Micro-Scrubbers to one side. These NEW scrubby textured wipes are thicker and more absorbent to scour away the toughest messes such as soap scum and grease, with the same great disinfecting power killing 99.9% of germs. With these added strengths for durability and hardiness, you can clean and disinfect 2-times the surface area.

I use my regular Clorox wipes for my light cleaning and disinfecting jobs; but now, I use the new Micro-Scrubbers Wipes for my toughest jobs.

10 Great Ways to Use Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers


  • Micro-scrubbers are perfect for cleaning the non-skid bottom in your tub.
  • Wipe down sinks, shower, and vanity daily to keep that tough soap scum at bay.
  • Scrub and disinfect your cutting boards.
  • Clean up tough spills and grease from your counters.


  • Great for cleaning appliances—ovens, stovetops, laundry spills, detergent dispensers, toaster grime, microwave splatter, refrigerator inside and out (those grimy handprints on the handles, dried-on spills), etc.
  • Have glitter glued to your craft table? What about the paint drips or other crafting messes? Micro-scrubbers are just the thing you need.
  • Sticky doorknobs, doorjambs, and light switches.
  • Clean grout, muddy footprints, and spills on floors.


  • Make easy work of pet messes and litter boxes.
  • Keep your patio furniture clean and ready to use.

My supply closet stores both types of Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes, those with Micro-Scrubbers and those without. Now, all my cleaning needs are met with one easy swipe of a wipe. And, bonus, they are available at Target, so it is easy to pick-up on my usual runs to Target! There is nothing I love more than clean and convenient.

Make your cleaning easier in the New Year; add Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers to your Target shopping list today!

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Have you tried the New Clorox Micro-Scrubbers?




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