Michelle James is back with another fabulous DIY project for your home decor, a Spice Rack to Cool Vase. I know you will enjoy it.




Spice Rack Re-Do

Spice Rack to Cool Vase


I am super excited today, because I leave tomorrow for my son’s wedding in Jamaica! I can’t wait to experience some warm weather, not to mention some beautiful beaches! Before I go, I want to share my Spice Rack Re-Do with you. I love this little guy.

I love to thrift shop, and I try to go whenever I can. I teach a class in Estherville, Iowa, each month, and I can always see the thrift store from her store window. Usually, they close early on Saturday, but a few months ago, I was able to get in there after my class and before they closed. Yay! I picked up a few things.

I found this for $2. I love the “test tube” look of it.

Michelle - Feb 9 - Spice Rack Re-Do - Pic 2

As usual it was very dirty. I think the spices got used up and it was taken directly to the thrift store. No washing needed.

I gave it good bath, and removed the grime and the spice powder from each glass tube. I loved that everything was sparkly and clean when I got done. I also removed the labels. They came off really easily, which I cannot say happens when I remove labels from wine bottles. I was pleasantly surprised!

I took the metal lids and the “rack” part into the garage and used some black, flat spray paint on it. It only took a couple of coats. I was going to paint the wooden base white but decided against it. I liked the rustic “partially painted” look I had created.

That was all it took. I love a nice, easy project that comes out so pretty! What do you think?

Michelle - Feb 9 - Spice Rack Re-Do - Pic 3

Michelle - Feb 9 - Spice Rack Re-Do - Pic 4

It will even look terrific with my St. Pat’s décor. I wanted to try it but this won’t go up until the beginning of March!

Michelle - Feb 9 - Spice Rack Re-Do - Pic 5

I am so glad I could be here today. I will return in two weeks with another fun project!

Michelle - Feb 9 - Spice Rack Re-Do - Pic 6

See you then,



Michelle - Feb 9 - Spice Rack Re-Do - Pic 1


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