Do you want to save money? Think you’ve tried everything to cut your costs? Well, here are some fabulous tips on Energy Efficiency in your home from Uma Campbell. You are going to love the infographic she has to share!

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Energy Efficiency

What’s Eating Your Energy?


What uses the most energy in your home – Intro

What’s eating up your energy? No, not your job, lifestyle, kids, etc… literally eating your energy – as in your electric bill? Maybe it’s the refrigerator? Could it be the dishwasher – should you run it less often? Or, the hot water heater – turn it down a little?

A couple of additional degrees of heat when the winter wind howls feels pretty good at the time, but that coziness comes at a cost. Older houses were built when energy like coal and gas was inexpensive, and these dated mechanical systems can really take a bite out of your budget. Older appliances like washers, dryers, and freezers weren’t manufactured to be energy efficienct, or with the size of your carbon footprint in mind. So, maybe it’s time to find those extra energy calories – the ones that are adding up over time to big, bloated energy use. Time to take a look at your “eating” habits, or how you’re consuming energy at your house.

Maybe, the best way to think about it is to think about energy use in the same way you think about the calories you eat. Healthy eaters know how to cut calories by employing small steps that add up over time. You’ve read the recommendations – sparkling water instead of sugary pop, crunchy carrots instead of potato chips. It’s not dieting, exactly, it’s a lifestyle change, because these folks know that extra calories here and there add up over time to big, unwanted weight gain.

Similarly, with just a few practical, cost-cutting steps, you can trim your energy use and boost your energy efficiency just like healthy eaters cut calories and make better “meal” choices. Here are practical, economical ways to cut your energy bill by making your older appliances more efficient. Plus, steps you can take to make your house retain heat in cooler weather and stay cool during the hotter months with just a few adjustments. You will also find new ideas to make your house the most energy-efficient house it can be.

Make your house – whatever its age – more energy effective, and discover where your energy dollars are being wasted.

Embracing a healthy energy style–good for your wallet and good for the planet too.



Uma has certainly shared some brilliant tips and ideas to increase the energy efficiency of our homes. What an awesome infographic! I hope you have discovered things that will help you save money.


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