Is your child’s room driving you crazy? Get some real life Cleaning Hacks to manage the mess from our new Regular Contributor, Megan Wild. You are going to love Megan’s ideas.

Cleaning Hacks For Kids' Rooms - Life With Lorelai

Hacks for Spring Cleaning Kids’ Rooms

Cleaning Hacks to Manage the Mess!


It’s bedtime, and the lights are going out around the house. Your little ones are climbing into their beds, patiently awaiting – and prolonging – your goodnight. This is when you bravely enter the room.

You find yourself walking through a carefully cleared path of clutter. One step at a time you inch forward. Step. Step. Step … until YOW!

As the pain registers and an inappropriate word sneaks into your mind’s vocabulary, you continue to quickly hobble to the bedside of your giggling child. They – of course – always seem to navigate the minefield of toys and clothes quite nimbly.

When you’ve made it, you survey the damage, swearing to yourself that tomorrow will be different. It will be clean tomorrow. It has to be. It just has to be.

With these spring cleaning hacks and organizational tips, a new day is coming.



Use Large Buckets and Bins

Sometimes it’s the desire to have everything in its proper place that really does a parent in. Go easy on yourself by using large buckets and bins to clear up miscellaneous toys, books and socks. Look for ones with lids if a little extra protection and privacy is desirable.

Different sizes will allow for the storage of both small and large, bulky items, resulting in a space that is cleared up in no time and looks like a million bucks.


Kids Books

Create Picture Labels

Help your kids understand where everything goes by using pictures of the items where they should be kept. Whether hand-drawn, clip-art or snapshots from your camera, picture labels on bins and shelves will give kids a sense of familiarity and understanding where their toys and clothes need to go when they’re not being used. You may even consider making this a rainy day project, getting assistance from your little ones to make the photos in a way that is interactive and fun.

Put Together an Organization Chart

Sometimes, a messy room can be overwhelming. If your kids aren’t sure where to start – and you aren’t either – try putting together an organization chart. The chart would lay out the order in which to start cleaning. Consider getting the trash gathered first, using bins to separate clothes from toys, etc.

Separate each task out and add stickers to the chart when something is completed. Consider rewards for consistently clean spaces and/or number of stickers for tasks completed. Small rewards, like a trip to the park or a vacation near home, can help keep older ones motivated.

Install Additional Rods in the Closet

Closets aren’t really made for kids, are they? Think about how tall they are, and where the rod for hanging clothes usually sits. Instead of having them teeter their way up a stepstool, install a second rod into the lower half of the closet.

This will allow them to hang up clothes themselves, using the lower bar for items that are worn all the time. The upper portion of the closet can be used for items that maybe don’t see the sun as much.


organize craft supplies

Hang up Artwork on Clipboards

Clipboards hanging on the walls are excellent for showcasing pictures, drawings, awards, etc. The papers and portraits are secure for as long as they are to be displayed, and the clipboards provide an interchangeable frame for the times when new artwork walks through the door.

Use Binders for the Rest

Not every piece of artwork that your son or daughter is proud of can hang on the wall. Instead of pitching out valuable pieces, store their proud moments in a binder labelled for each school year. Use archival sleeves and pockets to keep out pests and unwanted moisture.

Messy rooms are no fun. Clear the clutter away and get a deep cleaning going in your kids’ rooms this spring, using these cleaning hacks and organizational tips as inspiration. Be sure to get their help and input into the space, allowing older ones to take more responsibility for tasks as they are able. When it’s all done, enjoy a bedtime routine that is truly pain-free.


Lime Green Bedroom


Megan Wild loves a lot of things, but organization takes the cake. When she’s not sorting everything she owns into a specific order, you can find her writing about her tips for keeping a clean home on her blog, Your Wild Home.


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Visit Megan at her blog, Your Wild Home!




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