Today we’re welcoming Debbie Lewis as a guest poster. She is here to give you some tips and ideas on how you can breathe easier this summer.

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Breathe Easy In Summer

Simple Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality in your home can lead to many respiratory issues like indoor allergies and asthma attacks. There are many sources of the allergens and pollutants that enter our homes mostly unnoticed. Additionally, changes in temperature can worsen the air quality in our environment. Heat and humidity in the summer months can combine with gas pollutants and chemicals lingering in the air to create an unhealthy cocktail for us to breathe. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure your air indoors remains clean.

First, you should make sure your home’s HVAC system is in excellent condition. You should change your air filter regularly, and don’t wait too long between maintenance appointments. Your air conditioner commands a lot of the air flow in your home, so a sluggish unit can also affect air quality. If you’ve noticed strange symptoms, like incessant coughing, or allergy symptoms you’ve never had before, you may appreciate an indoor quality assessment, which can give you insight into what is circulating in your home and the changes you can make to improve quality.

Keep surfaces free of dust and clean carpets and other dust-magnets regularly. Try to avoid the use of household cleaners that have a high toxic content. Replace them with safer, natural alternatives. If you have pets, bathe them weekly, to make it easier to control fleas and pet dander. Take a look at the infographic below. It shows more helpful tips you can use to keep your air clean and help you and your family stay healthy.



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I hope this give you some useful ideas to help you through summer!






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