DIY Wooden Garden Sign

Hi! I am so glad to be back at Life With Lorelai today. I don’t know about you, but we have had a couple of nice weather days in a row. I was busy today cleaning up my back yard. I have wanted a wooden garden sign for my “new” old garden gate, so I found a piece of scrap wood and got to work.

Wooden Garden Sign

A Humorous DIY Project for Your Garden

I created this fun section in my yard by the back door with an old garden gate. I had been wanting a gate for so long. I thought I was going to have to purchase something new and make it look old; but then, I ran into a great garage sale. It still wasn’t as cheap as wanted, but I bought it anyway because I loved it. And, it was exactly what I was looking for.

I planted flowers and greenery in the boys’ old wagon and place a smaller container on the other side, but have known from the beginning that I wanted a fun sign too. I just could not figure out what I wanted it to say.

So many of the signs out there have been used so much, maybe this one has too, but I hadn’t seen it. When I saw it on the internet it made me laugh. I am not sure of the original creator though, and I could not find an original post.

I found a scrap piece of masonite in the garage and decided to spray it with my teal spray paint.

After a couple of coats, I took it inside to the Silhouette machine. I used Arial and Glamorous Brush fonts for the wording.

This is what it looked like on my Silhouette studio screen.

I cut it out with black vinyl. This makes it easier to trace. If you look closely, you can see that I have traced around the first three letters. I used a black sharpie. I usually use a pencil, but the teal paint was not allowing the pencil to show, so I had to resort to the sharpie and be pretty careful with my tracing. (I am not the neatest tracer).

Here they are all traced and ready for paint.

I used regular black acrylic paint for the letters. And here it is all done. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It is hand painted!

After it was completely dry, I took it out to the garage and used a sanding block to distress it a bit. The weather and time will do the rest!

Right now, it is just tucked in and resting on the gate latch, but I think I will need to drill a couple of holes and use some wire to make it more permanent. I am afraid our Iowa winds may take it away.

What do you think? I love the final look!

It was a fun little project, and it makes me smile every time I come home!

Have a great day, and I will be back in a couple of weeks!



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What fun ideas do you have for your garden?







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16 thoughts on “DIY Wooden Garden Sign”

  1. Really cute – love the saying on the sign – it would be very appropriate for my garden right now! lol! So glad I saw this at #HomeMattersParty

  2. LOL I could use this sign as a garden marker at my house! I can’t keep up with the weeds this year, they are attacking with a vengeance.

  3. guys i wanted a makeover for my garden and this wooden sign would be awesome to place there… thanks guys for this

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