Our precious and adorable kitties, Jinx and Josie, recently turned one-year-old! It was definitely a time to celebrate — kitty cat style with Kitty Cakes.


Kitty Cakes - Special 1st Birthday Treat - Jinx and Josie


Celebrate in Kitty Style With Kitty Cakes!


Now obviously, you can’t serve up cake and ice cream for your cat. But here is a pet and vet approved way to offer up something festive for the special day.

Our cats eat dry cat food on a regular basis, so any time they get a little wet food, it’s a treat. We save these times for after a vet visit, a bath, or some other thing they have to do, but don’t particularly enjoy.


Kitty Cakes - Cat Birthday Treat


These Kitty Cakes are really very simple. Just use a can of wet cat food (paté style) and some dry cat food pieces.


I turned the canned paté over onto a plate (instead of their usual food dish). Then, I added bits of the dry cat food around the edge to decorate. Since you can’t have a birthday candle, I piled some of the dry food in the center of the “cake” for added decoration.



Kitty Cakes - #JinxandJosie

Your Kitty wants you to Print This Recipe:

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Kitty Cakes - A Birthday Treat For Your Cat
Prep time
Total time
Here is a pet and vet approved way to serve up something festive for your cat -- Kitty Cakes! Jinx and Josie loved theirs. #JinxandJosie
Type: Pet Food
Serves: 1
  • 1 Can - Wet Cat Food (Paté style)
  • Handful - Dry Cat Food pieces
  1. Turn the canned paté over onto a plate.
  2. Add bits of the dry cat food around the edge to decorate.
  3. Since you can't have a birthday candle, Pile some of the dry food in the center of the "cake" for added decoration.


Jinx and Josie Eat Kitty Cakes #JinxandJosie
Jinx and Josie eat Kitty Cakes - Life With Lorelai


Jinx and Josie LOVED their Kitty Cakes! Jinx, being the monster huge cat that he is, ate almost all of his kitty cake in one sitting, but sweet little Josie girl nibbled at hers for several days. We just placed the leftovers (including plate) into a zippered plastic bag and stuck it in the refrigerator.


Just Ask Jinx and Josie - #JinxandJosie - lifewithlorelai


Josie – I savored every morsel. It was such a tasty treat.

Jinx – Do birthdays only come around once a year? Really???



We just know your cat is going to love Kitty Cakes!



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