Handmade gift ideas that are quick and easy. Natural products turned into bath and beauty gifts everyone will love. Great for last-minute gift ideas.

Gift Ideas Using 5 DIY Natural Products

Check out these handmade gift ideas using natural products to make bath and beauty gifts everyone will love. These quick and easy gifts are great last-minute ideas.

5 Natural Products That Make Great Gifts

Perfect Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? The holidays are here and so is the season of giving. It’s time to trim the tree, and ponder your gifts for friends and family. If you haven’t finished your list yet, have no fear. There’s still plenty of time to fill the stockings.

Instead of hitting the stores for a shopping spree, consider making gifts. Natural beauty products are great for your friends and family. Who doesn’t love handmade gifts? Here are five of the best.


  1. Shampoo


Shampoo is beauty product that is often full of chemicals and harmful ingredients. You can actually make natural shampoos for healthy hair growth. There are great shampoo recipes that contain only natural ingredients and keep hair soft and silky, especially during the holiday season.


Consider adding vitamin E oil to the recipe for extra shine. Coconut oil and green tea are also great ingredients to make any type of hair more smooth. Give your friends and family natural shampoo and healthy hair goodness this year. A good hair day is a wonderful gift!


  1. Foot Scrub


Along with the holidays come long days of being on your feet. Whether it’s long walks in the snow or cocktail parties spent in high heels, feet get extra sore this time of year. Homemade foot scrub is a fun gift for friends and family.


A peppermint foot scrub is perfect for the holiday season. The herbs and other ingredients provide great moisture and therapy for achy feet. Peppermint essential oil is also an item you’ll love to have in your home during the winter for use for other natural remedies. Your friends and family will thank you for this scrub. Plus, the peppermint scent is a holiday must.


  1. Exfoliating Scrubs


Consider making exfoliating scrubs for the people on your list. Many commercial brands contain harsh chemicals and are bad for the skin. In all exfoliating scrubs, plastic microbeads have been banned due to their harm to the environment. Ecomyx Beads are an all-natural alternative to plastic microbeads and make a great exfoliator.


Give your friends and family homemade exfoliating scrubs with all natural ingredients. The scrubs are easy to personalize based. This gift helps skin look radiant all winter long!


  1. Bath Bombs


There’s nothing quite like a hot soak in a bathtub when the weather turns cold and bitter. You can find great recipes for natural bath bombs that everyone will love this Christmas. They’re basically homemade happiness in a bubble bath.


You can add natural herbs like mint leaves or lavender seeds, and once the bath bomb dissolves, the herbs release and coat the water. The gift of bath bombs gives a reason to take time and relax. Everyone deserves some rest and relaxation during the holidays!

  1. Lotion Bars


All natural lotion bars are a great handmade gift. Silky, smooth skin remedies are a luxury during winter when the cold and wind can easily dry and crack skin. With just a few ingredients, you can make natural lotion bars for anyone. They’re an ideal, last-minute gift if you’re in a hurry and need something quick — but still want it to be homemade and amazing.

Everyone loves a handmade gift for the holidays. Natural beauty gifts are a great way to give healthy, happy gifts to your friends and family. Show you care this Christmas and give the gift of handmade love. Christmas is just around the corner, so get your craft on and start making these recipes!



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