Make your bedding comfy and cozy with these modern bedding styles and ideas for winter. Relax and enjoy staying indoors cuddled up in your bedroom.

Bedding Styles That Are Cozy Winter Modern

Make your bed comfy and cozy with these modern bedding styles and ideas for winter. Relax and enjoy staying indoors cuddled up in your bedroom — nobody said you had to be alone…


Amazing Winter Modern Bedding Styles

Check Out These Cozy and Comfy Ideas


The winter season is here and it just makes us want to hide further inside the bedding layers and not deal with the cold world outside. A perfect bed is a must to make the whole room come to life and to unwind after work and lazy in on the weekends. However layering your bedding doesn’t in any way means that it can’t be cozy yet modern and stylish!

The Layered Trend

Add an extra layer of comforter and duvet to stay extra warm and on top of the layering trend. This season is all about fluffy bedding styles.

Stock up your pillow collection for this season. Adding a few extra pillows gives that added fluff and warmth to the bed which is just what we all need in this harsh winter. Having a large pillow collection also comes in handy when you want to change up your room a bit. Just throw in a few fun, quirky pillows and the whole vibe changes instantly!

Add Throws

Throw in a faux fur, nubby blanket in no particular order for that added texture and warmth. Let one end of it touch the floor and it just yells ‘come lets snuggle’
Keep a couple of these in your winter collection too to give the room a changed look with different colored throws

The Tassel-Pompom Trend

Adding to the throw trend, this season is all about incorporating latest clothing trends into bed sheets and comforters in one way or the other. Tassels and pompoms have been on a roll this year and the style is here to stay. Just add another layer or warm fuzzy sheet with tassels or pompoms hanging on the ends. Find a sheet that has a nice contrast with your comforter and voila! A chic new look to your bedroom.

Stock up on blankets

Just like pillows and throws, go get your blanket collection sorted! Blankets are what make the whole bed pop!  Add Egyptian cotton blankets (this can be used both in summers and winters) and wool blankets to your bedding list.

Colors and Patterns

A good color scheme is important to maintain a certain vibe of any room. Why must the bedding be left behind?! This season, change things up a bit by contrasting the colors. Keep the bedding in warm tones according to the overall theme of the room. This gives a very autumnal and warm feeling which makes any cold harsh day better. If you want to step aside from the norm, go all out and bring the color in. Throw in colored blankets and pillows to spice up any room. If you’re like me and you are into the white bedding trend but still want some color, throw in pillows of deep browns or burgundies. A white-lined bed with a colored blanket or pillows will look trendy yet classic.
If you’re someone who likes to be edgier than the rest, throw in some cushions with quirky patterns or sayings on them.


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18 thoughts on “Bedding Styles That Are Cozy Winter Modern”

  1. I love the blanket with the pompoms. It’s so pretty. My bedding has to be warm, soft and comfy. I see so many fun bedding options I’d love to try.

  2. Hi Lorelai: I love the luxurious faux fur bed covers. The ones I want are too expensive so I have to wait for them. But wow they are worth the wait.

    Layered bedding looks so cozy and better yet Warm. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I am really enjoying the #HomeMattersParty.

  3. I absolutely love the layered & tassel looks. They are both very me!!! I’ll have to remind myself when I redo my room. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

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