Creative inspiration to give your yard a personal touch with DIY Backyard Fence Decor. You'll love spending time outside in your garden.

Backyard Fence Decor Creates A Personal Touch

Creative inspiration to give your yard a personal touch with DIY Backyard Fence Decor. You’ll love spending time outside in your garden. #Backyard #FenceDecor


Backyard Fence Decor

Personalize Your Fence with a Creative Touch


This past week, we got a NEW FENCE! You have no idea how thrilled we are. I will be putting a post together on the subject very soon, so keep watching the blog. But, with this lovely new fence in our yard, I thought it would be fun to look at ideas for backyard fence decor. So, please, enjoy this roundup of creative and easy DIY fence decoration ideas.

DIY A Framed Succulent Wall Planter from Mackenzie @ Lonny


DIY Tin Can Fence Garden from Kristi @ I Should Be Mopping The Floor


Old Window With Shutters Fence Decor from Melissa @ Empress Of Dirt


Fence With Birdhouses from Balcony Garden Web


Garden Fence Barbecue Cooking Station from Site House


Herb Garden Planter Boxes on the Fence from Stacy @ Not Just A Housewife


Mirrored Window Fence Decoration from Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


Junk Garden In Bloom from Jen @ Jen Bowles Design


Outdoor Chalkboard Goodness For Your Fence from Darci @ The Good Life


DIY Fence Table from Sara @ Sensibly Sara


Hang a DIY Outdoor Movie Screen on your fence. From Jessica @ Running With Scissors


Plates Used To Decorate Garden Fence by Roland Smith @ Garden World Images


Garden Salvage Fence Door from CC on Hometalk


The Original Table Leg Dragonflies With Ceiling Fan Blade Wings from Lucy @ Lucy Designs


Garden Art on the Cheap – Glass Marbles On Your Fence from Eric @ Garden Drama



See anything you like? There is a lot of creativity and inspiration with these amazing ideas. I’d love to hear what you think, and please share your ideas for backyard fence decor!







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18 thoughts on “Backyard Fence Decor Creates A Personal Touch”

  1. Hi Lorelai, you had shared the great, fresh and funny backyard fence decor ideas which will spruce up anyone’s house backyard surrounding. Thanks for sharing such an interesting blog. It’s great to implement such ideas. Keep updating with some more amazing decor ideas.

  2. Putting up a fence does not necessarily mean that you are looking to separate yourself from others. What it really means is that you are taking steps to improve the overall appearance of your property and want to have the privacy that every family deserves.

  3. What lovely ideas for a fence. Just what I need to add characters to my fence. The garden box would be perfect for my fern collection. Do you have any ideas for a fern garden on how to decorate?

  4. wow, so many different beautiful fences! I ever built a small fence door for my yard, it took me around two weeks to finish. And my yard looks much much more beautiful. I like your sharing, it is really amazing.

  5. Wow, I love the mirrors and the marbles! Maybe a fake tiny fairy door or two would add some rustic charm to an older fence with wildflowers planted all along the fence line. Thanks for sharing!

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